First crack at this jerky business....

Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by dingo007, Sep 28, 2015.

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    I never got around to making jerky until we had to move house and I lost my curing my stash of cured stuff is all but gone i figured I give jerky a try...

    After reading this forum until my eyes bled...i decided on Nepas' Teriyaki recipe using top round...

    Partially frozen and hand sliced...

    marinating in Nepas' mix...with cure #1

    As Sponge Bob would say...24 hours later....racked and ready for the MES30

    And smokin....

    1 hour no smoke...ramped temp up to 160F over 5 hrs over mesquite in the AMPTS...and it was ready.

    All in all pretty tasty for a first shot.

    I think the mesquite it a little heavy and I might pull it a little earlier next was a little dry for me. The neighbor thought it was awesome..i'm coming from a dry aged meat background so it was a little chewy. Definitely room for more practice.

    Nepas' marinade was excellent and will be my teriyaki go to. Looking forward to trying some other flavors.

    Thanks for looking.

    Smoke on!
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  2.  That looks fine to me. I'm glad you had a favorable outcome.

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    just a word to the wise, any meat that you cure and smoke needs to be mellowed or smoothed before you pass judgement. It will get better over a few days if you will let it. I almost threw away the best jerky I ever made simply because right after I made it I tasted it and it tasted like an old ashtray. Couple a days, it was really good, a week later it was awesome.

    All cured meat products need a day or two to smooth before the final evaluation.
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    Tasty Jerky you have there Dingo! For a super simple recipe that is really good give my Thai Jerky recipe a try. So simple and super good. You can add other seasonings after marinating and right before smoking to change the flavors. I like to add ginger, garlic, black pepper to a portion of that batch and keep some of it just plain.

    Try London broil or flank steak for better texture. Top round can be a bit on the chewy side. My go to wood for beef in general is cherry or a 50/50 mix of cherry and pecan.
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