First Country Style Ribs in my MES 30

Discussion in 'Pork' started by n4ynu, Aug 19, 2016.

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    Ok, so neighbor was so impressed with the Split Breasts I did she asked me to cook her up some more breasts, she got the whole split breasts with no bone and or skin, I was worried, but brined for 3 1/2 hours and low temp cook (225), smoke and gave them to her and she freaked out they were so good, we got 4 of them and they were delicious, so full of moisture and smoke to the center (hickory) to make a long story short the next day here comes her husband my friend with a bag, and he says here, here is another project for you, and I was like ......Huh...........then he showed me it was about 9 lbs of Country Style Ribs, they had not been frozen, so I cut my fridge down a bit and let them hang out in the near 32 degrees temps because I had to wait 2 days before I could do, anywho got to them today, my first Pork Ribs !
    I decided to use Mesquite this time and they were delicious, but I think I am addicted to Hickory...................

    So we got about 9.5 lbs of Country Style Ribs

    So we start off with a simple brine

    1 cup of Sweet Baby Rays Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce, I was just being creative :)
    1/4 cup Fine Ground Sea Salt
    1 cup of Sugar
    TableSpoon of Minced Garlic
    TableSpoon of Minced Onion
    TableSpoon of Ground Black Pepper 

    I was in a hurry, and I think Brown Sugar would have been better, will try that next time  :)

    So here are the victims !

    So I brined them for about 6 hours, should have been longer, next time it will be longer, I have them out drying a bit and getting to room temp, ready to go in as soon as I get the Box warmed up

    Speaking of the Box :

    That Yellow Tank is my SureFire Torch I use for sweating copper, makes a great AMNPS Starter :) , there she is with her "as my wife says" cute little smoke stack Mod and it is preheated and ready to go :

    And here are the Victims in the Box with no hope of ever oinking again !

    Got the AMNPS going good in the driveway and just put in, closing her up and letting her do her magic  :)

    I put the Meat Probe in the Thickest Rib which was about 1 3/4 inches thick, this way I have a good judge on what would be my lowest IT for the whole batc

    A little over 2 1/2 hours and the IT of that thick rib was 172, so I know the smaller ribs were above that for sure, and my target overall was 180, so the thickest is nice and done, but the rest were perfect !

    The Mesquite was good but again I think I am Addicted to Hickory, they had a sensational flavor so says 5 people that helped us test, uh, I mean, devour the 4 pieces that was our take, my neighbor when I delivered his starting eating them in his living room repeating "Oh My God" many times LOL, so the reviews were great, and I personally think they were fantastic myself, very moist, very tender and exceptionally juicy, you could get a clean bone with a nice light peel, they were just about to fall off the bone, incredible.
    Props to SMF and Smokin Al for the IT temp strategy, it worked good and now I can replicate the cook !

    Guess I should show the Q !

    Coming out the Box !

     I gave him the best pieces, I kept 4 and he got 5, That piece you see bottom right was the smallest, I ate that piece thinking it was going to be a little dry, boy was I wrong, it was just as good as the others, totally impressed !
    And here in the Kitchen getting ready to be split up to give my friend their half :

    Thanks to SMF and all the fine people here for this, had I not had your help, posts and so on, this would not have been so wonderful, Props to you all out there, your the best, and SMF is the best !
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    Those CSR's look mighty tastsy my friend. Great job!

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    Nice job Guy!

    Those CSR's look delicious!

  4. n4ynu

    n4ynu Meat Mopper

    Thankyou both, they were very tasty, takes a bit more cook time but well worth it, think I will dial the temp down next time to about 225 or 230 and brine for a couple more hours, now I got some Venison to do, we do not have a "Bambi" forum ????  LOL
  5. redheelerdog

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    Yes Sir!, We have the Bambi forum:
  6. pit 4 brains

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    Now you're on to something.. They are shoulder cuts and do well  with a little lower and a little slower. 

    What venison cuts do you have?
  7. n4ynu

    n4ynu Meat Mopper

    Thankyou Sir,

    I see it now after you posted that, I was not scrolling the page down to see the rest of the Forums in the list...................DUH..........hehehehe
    I knew it had to be there, I knew you all would not leave Bambi out in the cold like that LOL
  8. n4ynu

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    I overall prefer low and slower, but I was pinched for time that day and ran 250-260, I prefer to stick around 225, I have been learning a few tricks or should I say the electric smoker has been teaching me a few traits it has hehehe

    Looks like the Venison is a shoulder off a doe, but sadly enough they have been soaked in vinegar friend did not know, but they have the odor and the meat color is seriously gray and texture is very very soft, so I am thinking they were over done with vinegar and will be something like liver when done...............ugh..............never had smoked venison liver, I have seen people over do it, some like veni-mush, I do not like it, and it would appear it has been cleaned as it is in chunks as opposed to a bone in roast.............either way, will try and slow smoke/cook and see what happens, not sure whether to braise in a pan with a broth or to just do it slow and low, maybe I will do both at the same time and see how it comes out ................
    I was disappointed it was soaked, I wanted some fresh bambi to trial run with, will not be long and I will have plenty of venison, have not looked at the recipes here for that yet, typically I have always slow simmered tougher cuts in a tasty broth and they are like roast beef, even fools my mom, she says she hates venison, but she eats in all the time here under the guise of "roast beef" hehehe and always raves of the taste and texture  :)
    I have never really grilled or smoked venison before, so looking forward to some trials with it ! But I told my friend, no more soaked in vinegar, need fresh meat untreated !
    Really want to try some Venison Jerky out as well, looking forward to making it.
  9. They look awesome great job.
  10. n4ynu

    n4ynu Meat Mopper


    Thankyou Sir, they were very very good [​IMG]

    Learning allot about this MES 30 and enjoying every minute, going to try and get some Jerky done now, but I here Brisket calling from the holler LOL, gonna have to wait and see which one wins  :)
  11. Can't wait to see more pictures
    Keep smoking
    Papa t
  12. bearcarver

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  13. disco

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    They not only look good, they must be terrific when your neighbour is bringing you meat to cook.


  14. n4ynu

    n4ynu Meat Mopper

    Thankyou Papa !  They were very very tasty  

    Because of real life we have missed our trip to the farm for the meat for my Jerky I want to make so badly :), but I am speaking with him to see if I can get him to make me some custom cuts, it is a farm about 30 minutes from here that butchers beef and pork every week, so if you get it on Wed., you have fresh cuts, not frozen, butchered about 2 hrs before you pick them up, and it has not been nuked with microwaves or injected or subjected to any other perversion of food safety so they call it, anyway, the cattle and pigs are not on any hormones nor regular antibiotics either, all grass fed livestock, makes for killer cooks, fresh and straight to the brine and then cook, or in the jerky's case, fresh cut after a good cooling and then cured and brined and cold smoked and dried  :)

    But we got some chicken quarters and some whole split breasts today, these are from my mom, she is demanding goods when smoked but we get to keep the rest LOL, now all I have to figure out is how to get paid for this cooking for neighbors, friends and family, and I would be set [​IMG]

    More coming but I have to get on finishing my bathroom, I am married afterall and I do not have to explain the importance of a working bathroom when you live with a female, let alone married for almost 30 years hehehe, I could live with it till I died LOL, but we have put it off for many reasons collectively, but now I have to get'er done and she will be my helper handing me tools, she likes watching it unfold and gets all giddy when I ask her for something and now she knows what it is and what it looks like so I do not have to explain and wait 5 minutes while under the house lol, so it is all good, got to get the vent and bath sink drains relocated to the new wall (we moved it over about 4 feet effectively doubling the size of the bathroom, so I have a open part where I have to redo the sub floor, tying it into the entire bath floor, so I am going under and she is going to hand me the stuff I need thru the floor, save me lots of crawling back and forth, but yeah, we, meaning me, moved the wall, and I added storage built in (2X10 wall studs) and a larger and 3X as deep bath cabinet over a brand new vanity, not to mention going to refinish the tub and have a nice set of frameless glass shower doors going up, it is going to be awesome, setting the bath up with faux brick walls and a old farm house style plank wood ceiling, I will surely think I am back at the farmhouse every time I go in the bathroom, she is really excited as well, its great when both sides are on the same page, and I do not have to mention again or remind all you married folk out there how rare it is that you both agree on decor issues ROFLOL
  15. n4ynu

    n4ynu Meat Mopper


    Thankyou Master Bear for those recipes [​IMG]
    I have been busy and have not looked yet at them but I am sure they will be surely tasty, I have more dear coming, the venison I was given had been soaked in a vinegar and water in a sink for like a week..............................I think you know what that means, it is now venimush :(

    It was only maybe 4 lbs but my wife's girlfriend had them in a freezer and did not know, I am actually fairly scared to even cook them, I am thinking I will throw them away, I know what it will be from the texture of it now, soft as cotton and the bleached gray color, it will be offensive venimush.....................[​IMG]

    But I will surely save those recipes sir and will be having plenty of venison this season to use them on, I am short on spices, between the smoker and spices, seasonings many for Jerky, cure, slicer, vac bags (had a friend donate a nice vac machine) and then the Mods and my remote temp probes, my budget is healing LOL, but I am going to get some more of the spices in the next few months, the spices and seasonings are pretty cheap actually, I buy them in bulk from Regal, so I need more, want to get a good pantry going like all you guys have soon, but have to remain within my means, the good part is the wife is as excited as I am about the eats and the whole process, so she was again on board with me, and even wants me to get the shop and barn wired..............I am serious, I know, you all hear Rod Serling calling, but she is loving the food and she wants to get involved, truly a Blessing !

    Thank you again sir for your comment on my humble, first CSR's and THANKYOU for the venison recipes !

    That why I follow you Master Bear, is there any truth to the name, have you carved a Bear ? I have not craved a bear, I have covered all the woodland creatures except for the bear and the northern beasts like elk and such, but anything that flies, slithers, crawls, swims or walks on four feet I can say I have carved, that includes snake, coon, possum, turtles, birds, market pigs (castrated them too, had lots of mountain oysters at the farm, used to use them for meatballs in spaghetti hehehe).
    I have been very close to some grizzlies and no not at a zoo, as well as black and brown bears, but that is one animal I do not think I have ever eaten and know I have not hunted, not sure why, just never hunted bear for some reason, see plenty of them and still do on the farm.

    Anyway, Master Bear, Thankyou Sir, I sincerely appreciate your comment 
  16. n4ynu

    n4ynu Meat Mopper


    Thankyou Sir for the points and for the comment !

    They were truly the tastiest things I have had, but as I said, I need to slow the cook just a bit I think and definitely will brine them longer, I love wet brines, I use Pops but only brining, not curing, I used no rub and cooked them all with the probe in the fattest cut, I pulled them when the fattest cut was @ 172 IT, I brined them 6 hours, but they needed probably 12-18, I could tell on the thick cuts the moisture and tenderness was not there like the thinner cuts would just melt in your mouth and had the most incredible pork flavor, I seem to be a dinosaur when it come to meats I guess, I like light flavors that accent the meats flavor rather than replacing it with another flavor, when I go to restaurants I tell them no seasoning on my steaks, of course I use a little A1 but I want to taste the meat, but the brines increase the tenderness and juicyness of the meat in such a way I cannot ignore it, and by the reviews I get it obviously is a major difference, I agree as well, but sometimes you like something and you just like it so it may not be the best, but everyone else is telling me the same thing, and I have cooked for these people one way or another for years, so it pretty cool they are all in love and want me to cook for them LOL, but now I need to figure out a way to get paid  [​IMG]
    They do give me half the eats I cook so that is cool, me and the wife are getting lots of almost free meals, a little electric involved but I am sure the price of the meats outweighs that  hehehehe

    But Alas, I have too many irons in the fire, I have a bathroom I need to finish, but just today my mom has brought us 10 lbs of split breasts and another 10 lbs of leg quarters ...............I have been instructed to cook them and she will come and take what she wants and we get the rest ROFLOL, now you know I am on the right track when my mom is coming to me to cook food for her and my step father huh  :)

    So chicken is coming soon, again and if we make it to the farm for the fresh meats this week, there will be more goodies soon following, as soon as I get this bathroom done and the trench for the power to the shop and barn, I will be free to cook, winter will be upon us then as well so I will surely have plenty of time !

    Thanks Again Disco Sir, I surely appreciate the comments 

    You know also, I should make this a Signature but I have my equipment there and they do not give us much space......................but I could not have done any of this this fast and successfully if it had not been for SMF and all of the fine people here like you Sir, I have followed more than a few of your posts as well, and I garner ideas and more and more and more info every day from all of you, and I do sincerely appreciate this forum and more so the people that make it what it is, it is truly a grand environment for anyone seeking to learn !
  17. disco

    disco Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Looks to me like you have become an expert that others will look to. Also, who is this "Sir" you refer to?
  18. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Thank You for the nice Note, but as we said in the Army, Please don't call me Sir, I work for a living.[​IMG]

    Like you I carved a lot of different animals, and I have eaten some meat from a few different PA Black Bears too.

    However the Name "Bearcarver" is explained at the Link Below:

    Why They Call Me "Bearcarver":    

    A Bear from Log to Finish

    And assorted Bears

  19. n4ynu

    n4ynu Meat Mopper

    That would be Sir Disco  :)
    Its my parents fault.............................hehehehe
  20. n4ynu

    n4ynu Meat Mopper


    Ok, regarding the military I completely understand that, no more "Sir" for you  
    I will check your Bear story as soon as I post this, I was one of the working class in the military as well hehehe

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