First Costco baby backs on my kamado With Q-view 2 racks foiled and 1 left naked

Discussion in 'Pork' started by onewondershow, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Fired up my kamado with apple and hickory wood at 1:30 pm and went inside to prepare theribs I'd picked up at Costco while waiting for it get to temp. I mixed up some of Jeff's rub and coated the meaty side of the ribs with spicy brown mustard and then rubbed in the seasoning. Hear is where it gets interesting, like an idiot I knocked over the rest of my rub onto the kitchen floor. I was stuck with a dilemma, do I skip it or use something else. I rubbed the bones with the spicy brown mustard and gave them a light coating with Lawry's as it was on hand. I forgot to take photos of them before the grill. My kamado held rock steady at around 230 °f for the entire 5 hours with just a small spike when i opened the grill a bit to long but it settle back down after a bit.

    These pics are after 2 hours or around 4:30 pm from several angles, you can really see the pull back on a few of them.

    6:30 pm  This is the finished product, it was dark and the kitchen lights really hurt the picture. The color was much nicer than it looks in the picture. The one in the back was unwrapped the whole time while the 2 in the front were foiled for 2 hours.

    Verdict: I will definitely foil next time but I think I will bring the heat up at the end to really caramelize the BBQ sauce a bit more next time. All three racks were very good. The one with no foil had a great little bark on it while the other 2 just melted in your mouth. Served with some of my wife's home made apple sauce and a salad it was an excellent dinner. I would show pictures of the leftovers except there were none the family devoured them.
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    Ribs look great!

    Nice job!

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    Those ribs look might tasty!  Nicely done...[​IMG]

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    Thats the best part, kicking back and watching the Fam enjoy all your work!!  Great job and keep it up  [​IMG]
  5. Thanks guys it really was a good experience and I have to say the ribs from Costco were great very meaty 
  6. Looks pretty darn good from this angle............[​IMG]
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  8. Looks good to me!
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    Don't know how I missed this----Nice Job on the Ribs!!!!

  10. Thanks guys, they really were great I may be doing some more this weekend if everything works out.
  11. [​IMG]<---------------what he said!! lol.[​IMG]
  12. Sorry to revive an old thread, but OneWonderShow...did you use a water pan in your Vision?
  13. No i never use a water pan in the kamado its not needed . I only use a foil pan to catch the drips on messy cooks or for creating sauces. If i do a brisket or pork butt i make a gravy with a drip pan filled with onions,carrots,garlic and stuff with a little water. In a kamado you have a naturally moist envirement so you really bever need a water pan.
  14. Great, thank you.

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