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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by griffin, May 27, 2014.

  1. Today is going to be my first whole chicken attempt. I have a 2 lbs bird coated with a mesquite rub in the fridge waiting to go on. I'm using a MBS 40 smoker and planning on running at max (275) to try and get the skin crisp. What would be a average cook and smoke time on it? I was thinking about 2-2.5 huors with about 1hr smoke. Should I run with water in there or would it be easier to get crispy skin without the water pan? I have some extra play sand, what is the trick to using that in a smoker?

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    That should be about right time wise but, as you know, we cook to temps not by time. I like my birds a little more done at the joints so I shoot for about 175-180 at the thigh joint. I'm a no water smoker...used to early on, but no more. Water creates steam. Play sand acts as a 'heat sink' to help maintain temps.....again, I used sand in an ECB early on but don't feel the need to now with the watt burner I'm now using. Many will smoke till completion, some won't depending on the wood used or their tolerance for heavy smoke. Be prepared to add chips often possibly, depending on your unit. HTH, and have a good first smoke.....Willie
  3. Yup Willie has you covered I'll just add that my MES gets a bit over 300 & crispy skin is hit or miss with it. If I want crisp skin for sure I finish mine on the grill. I'm also a no water guy. Have fun with your first chicken!

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