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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by boomersooner275, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. I had an amazing weekend smoking my first butt. It was so tender and had a great flavor. It was not as smokey as I had wished. I guess I need to add more wood? Still had a blast.
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    Congrats on your first butt - live and learn! The nice thing is you get to practive again.....
  3. Yeah, I guess I read so much about over smoking that I went to light. Anybody have a good rule of thumb on how much smoke to use? I used hickory and apple. I soaked them and then had them in tin foil.
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    And where is that qview again??[​IMG]
  5. Sorry, here is the qview.
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    Don't apologize. We kid with ya if you don't post pictures. And btw, check the link in my sig for excellent qview posting. Good luck & Thanks for the pic.
  7. Thanks for the link.
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    To answer your question on smoking, since you used foil, which was good, poke holes in the foil. You want your wood to smolder not burn. Also, soaking in water is a personal choice. There are some that soak half of their wood chips so that by the time the dry wood is smoked out, the wet wood is dry enough to start smoldering. I personally don't soak my wood or chips. Placing them right next, almost on top of, your lit fuel is good enough to get them going. Now, once you don't see the TBS anymore, if you can smell the flavor from the wood, it is still smoking. Once the smell is gone, add another foil pouch. Or a chunk of wood if you have that. I hope this helps.
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    You could post your concerns in the Pork section or, depending on what type of smoker you have, in the Charcoal or Wood Smoker Section.

    Let us know what smoker you have?

    Someone will pipe up with help.

    I use chips or sawdust for up 6 hours while smoking Pork Butts. Some guys say after 4 hours, it's a waste to use any additional smoke. Sounds to me like you don't have enough chips or smoking long enough.

    Remember to keep your smoke a TBS and not a nasty cloud of white smoke. The nasty cloud causes creosote and gives off a nasty taste on your food.


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