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Discussion in 'Pork' started by sfdcapt, Nov 24, 2010.

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    I'll start by saying this is not my recipe, I owe it to the members of the forum. Just wanted to give details for other newbies and will take any pointers from the Pros. Smoker is a MES 40 (Masterbuilt Electric Smoker)   I started this smoke with a 8 1/2 lbs Pork Butt from Sams Wholesale. The night before I rubbed it down with McCormicks AppleWood Rub Wrapped in Saran Wrap and Stuck it in the Frig. Fired up the Smoker at 8am and let come to 240 degrees (Kept the Smoker set at 240 Entire Smoking) When Smoker Came up to Temp I put in half dry and half wet Hickory and Cherry wood Chips. Waited for good Smoke and then put Butt on the second shelf down from the top and inserted Digital Probe (47 degrees) 

    Fresh out of the Frig.


    In first 4 hrs I reloaded smoker box 3 times and never added anymore.( I was afraid to over smoke, but next time I will keep adding until 6th hr.

     Just to give an Idea of time and temps

    4hrs- 146 degrees

    6hrs- 160 degrees

    7hrs- 167 degree / pulled and wrapped with Aluminum Foil

    11hrs- 192 degrees

    12hrs- 201 degrees

    I hit a plateu around 175 and it didn't seem like it would ever come up.

    This picture is 4 hrs/146


    This Picture Is 7 hr. when I pulled to wrap in aluminum Foil


    Of Course the Best Picture for Last!


    At 12 hr / 201 degrees I pulled from smoker and wrapped in a old towel and stuck it in cooler for 1 hr

    This thing turned out Awesome and bone litterally fell out when I removed foil. I also forgot to mention that when I hit the 100 degree mark I started misting with 3 to 1 Apple Juice and Captain Morgan every hour until 160 Degrees.

    I want to thank everyone on the forum it was Delicious and the Wife and Kids were very impressed.
  2. Thats good stuff dude! Sounds like it went well. I thought I was doing good until I discovered SMF. There is quite a bit of knowledge to be soaked up here.
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    Now your meat looks awesome and ia know it tasted really good too.
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    That's a nice looking butt Sfdcapt, I've seen that rub on the stores shelf and thought about trying it. Maybe I will give it a try now that you've taste tested it. [​IMG]

    One bit of advise, You don't want to insert your thermo probe until the the outside 1/2" of the meat is up to 140° otherwise it changes the 40°-140° in 4 rule. (with intact muscle the outside 1/2" need to be above 140° with in 4 hours)

    If you puncture the meat before the outside is up to 140° then it no longer is a "intact muscle" and it's treated as ground meat,  now the  internal temp must get to 140 in 4 hours.

    In your case you were at 146° in 4 hours so no big deal but I thought I'd take the opportunity to share this with the newbies.

    Thanks for sharing the Q-view,


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    First Butt?  Great job and Q View.  [​IMG]
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    wow that looks great very well done
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    Congrats on your first butt which looks like a great success!  

    Not at all intending to contradict Dan on probing, he does bring up a great point, however, with a butt I've always probed from the beginning and have never had any issue reaching an IT of 140* in the 3 to 4 hour range at 225*.  There are many folks who do wait until the 4 hour mark to probe and there's nothing wrong with that and it's probably a good practice if it works out for you.   For me it's just easier to stick it before I load it especially if I'm loading it in the middle of the night and am trying to catch some sleep while relying on my Maverick ET-73.
  8. Great looking Pork, I am thinking that might be my next smoke, so I will be seeking advice before long [​IMG]

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