First build. Have a question regarding seasoning/Maverick probes.

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by awitte58, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. awitte58

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    Edit: Deleted. going elsewhere to find activity.
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  2. awitte58

    awitte58 Newbie

    Man this forum has the slowest response time yet!
  3. dandl93

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    Not really, Try adding some more info on what you are needing.Or if possible a pic of your smoker so people with the same smoker can help.I also know depending on the time of day.When you post a thread it will get lost real quick in recent Disscusions because they get dropped down the list real fast.

    Throw out your questions and see if we can get them answered for you.I have received alot of help on here it is a great forum.

  4. awitte58

    awitte58 Newbie

    If you notice I posted it almost 3 days ago. And waited 2 days before bumping it.

    Then I edited it and deleted it. I had plenty of pics and it was clear to read.
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  5. awitte58

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    Moderator may delete my account. I've decided I'm going elsewhere.
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