First Build... 100 Gallon Air Tank w/ a Custom Firebox

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by dairycoach, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. It's been a cold winter here in Green Bay... time to do something fun to get ready for summer...time to build a RF smoker.  Got this old 100 gallon air compressor tank from a local junk yard a couple weeks ago and my neighbor and I started the build last Saturday.

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  2. Thanks to the generous sharing/great advice from DaveOmak and the help of Boomhower and his build... we started the build last Saturday.

    In a matter of a week, we're already well over halfway done... my neighbor builds gravity boxes and other farm equipment, he flat-out gets stuff done!  Here's what he got done the first weekend.

    The firebox is pretty oversized for the cook chamber... we're actually going to extend the top part of the firebox in order to create a grill when the lid is open, and also will function as an oven when the lid is closed.  We'll be doing that once everything else is done.

    Side of firebox

  3. daveomak

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    You have a great start..... :popcorn .....

  4. In between working on farm projects, my neighbor fits my smoker project into his schedule... here's some of the things he did last week while I was working on the road.

    When I dropped off some SS mesh and other SS pieces on Saturday morning, he was busy finishing up the doors.  I spent all of Saturday working with him... he did all of the smart work while I did the grunt work of removing all the rust... it was actually a really fun, productive, and rewarding day of work. 

    I'll post some pics of what we got done on Saturday in the following post...
  5. Thanks Dave... more pics to follow!
  6. crazyq

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    Looks good so far. I'll be following the build.
  7. Thanks CrazyQ
  8. Cutting RF plate in half... we needed to add another 2-3 inches to the width of the plate, and also wanted to angle the plate to a center "grease canal" that pitches to a drain at the end of it.

    We added this angle iron between the two halves of the RF plate

    Rails for the racks are in... getting closer!

  9. Only a few days from being finished... here are a few pics from before and after this weekend.

  10. Hey guys!

    We're pretty close to getting this thing finished up... hoping to paint it and season it within the next few days.  But before we do, 2 questions...

    1.  What should I do to really clean out the inside of the CC?  Steam clean it, pressure wash it, light a fire, etc?

    2.  We're planning on using a quart of Rustoleum Hi Temp black paint, and run it through a sprayer.  Any thoughts/advice?

    Thanks in advance... --Tom
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    No paint inside the smoker.... oil it with veggie oil or lard..... like a cast iron fry pan......
  12. Ok, sounds good... thanks Dave.  Should I do anything to clean out the initial dust that's in the CC?  I was thinking about pressure washing it first, then I'll season it with oil.  Your thoughts?
  13. crazyq

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    I will blow mine out with an air hose and wipe her down in a thick layer of lard and start me a hot fire in the FB and let her season.
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    :yeahthat: .... or wash with water.... then dry with a small fire and do the lard thing while the smoker is warm.... then reheat to cure the lard...
  15. Thanks Crazy Q.  I like that... simple and effective.  Thanks!
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  16. Thanks Dave.  I'm going to do that... blow it out first, then water.  Dry it out with some heat then season/cure it with lard.  Thanks again for your help along the way.  --Tom
  17. Trailer's built, tank's balanced on it, and on the firebox oven/grill is underway.

  18. Still needs a few final details and a paint job... almost ready!

    Here's the firebox/grill/oven... "oven cover" still needs to go on.


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