First Briskit Smoke

Discussion in 'Beef' started by smokemastermike, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. Following the Smoking Meat recipe down to the rub/marinade itself.

    Got a 7 Lb cut and let it marinade overnight, just tossed it in the MES 30, expecting a ~9 hour Smoke.

    Here's the marinade

    This was before I put it in the fridge yesterday.

    Will post more pics through the day.
  2. waterinholebrew

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    Lookin good so far !
  3. I'll be watching

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    Don't forget us

  5. Here's a shot 4 hours in, it IT is 175 F, which seems to be high for what I was planning on being a 9 hour smoke, any thoughts? Will it stall? Am I on pace?

    Also makin' some more BBQ sauce

  6. bonzbbq

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    What is your cooking temp. also remember brisket is not the easiest to cook, they will all be different, time is JUST a gauge, always cook by temp and tenderness, some wrap at this point, some foil, some butcher paper, I sometimes wrap with paper and sometimes not at all, it may sit there a while, just monitor the IT and it will be fine, I pull mine about 200, but check with a probe first, toothpick should slide in with no resistance, keep us posted and hope this helps

  7. Thanks, Bonz!

    The smoker temp is 235 right now. I lowered it to 220 for about a hour and it seemed to stall at a IT of 175 so I put it back to 235.

    Going to start putting on a few layers of BBQ sauce soon so the smoker will lose a lot of heat with me opening and closing the door. I expect things to slow down a bit.
  8. timberjet

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    You got a long way to go. I wouldn't do any saucing yet or you might get burnt sugar. You could stall for several hours from the looks of that hunk of beef you have there. 2 hours per pound is what you are looking at or there bouts. I don't know where you got 9 hours for a 7 pound brisket but that's not going to happen unless you jack the temp up as high as it will go.
  9. timberjet

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     also if you are going by the built in probes for your temps you might want to check them for accuracy. I have seen many many folks on here with 50 degrees high or low readings on those units. If you have a reliable meat therm you can check the unit probes and do the math. Hope this helps.
  10. I'll be watching

  11. Thanks for the advice, my built in probe is a POS, I have a 2nd one that's much more accurate, things did slow down quite a bit in fact the IT temp dropped, we're at 165 F right now.

  12. timberjet

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    Yep you are in the stall. Now is when you could foil to slightly speed things up but it won't cut that much time off and the stall is where all the magic happens. Just be patient and maybe throw some instant gratification goodies on to get your fix. I like ABT's. In fact, off to the store.
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  13. Looks good, be some mighty fine eating later on

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  14. Well you all were right, this thing is taking longer than planned, took this picture about 8.5 hours in. Probably going to pull, wrap, and finish off in the oven so we can have dinner at a decent hour.

  15. timberjet

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    Just remember for next time two hours per pound and a 2 hour rest. Or do like I do and do them a day ahead. That way everybody is happy. Those dang big hunks of muscle just can't tell time. What is your internal temp?
  16. timberjet

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    Make sure to save those juices for chef JJ's smoky au jus. It is fabulous! I was looking for the recipe to post a link for you but I couldn't find it right away. It is worth looking for and so damn good.
  17. timberjet

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    One more thing. When you get to 190 internal start probe testing it every half hour or so. You don't want to pull it early or late but just right. When the probe pushes in the center of the flat like a hot knive through butter you are all good to wrap and rest for an hour. I know, even more time. I have had this happen to me quite a few times and there is no shame in ordering pizza so you don't screw up 60 dollars worth of Brisket. Hope it all works out for you.
  18. You learned a lot from this smoke  Start Early and Allow Plenty of Time,   Everybody's been there and done that

  19. The wrap and in the oven turned out well! Took a taste, it's still resting ready to dig in!

  20. Looked good in first pic, really couldn't tell about the sliced shot   Wast it tender and juicy ?


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