first brisket...thinking about a mop..

Discussion in 'Beef' started by keithace, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. keithace

    keithace Fire Starter

    doing my first brisket on saturday...i've done ribs, fatties, chicken, tri tip, chuckies on the smoker with pretty good success...

    i would like to know if anyone has used bacon flavorings (grease) in their brisket mop...seems like a good idea to how some mops ask for olive oil....

    any other pointers are welcome...

    its just the FLAT...3.5 pounds..horizontal offset smoke with minimal mods...but still smokes great and holds temp fine :)
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  2. adiochiro3

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    no.  but I have draped bacon over lean briskets to keep moist and add flavor.  Turned out great!  Your idea should work just fine.  Certainly won't hurt anything.
  3. keithace

    keithace Fire Starter

    two table spoons of bacon grease

    half a beer

    1 tablespoon or less of garlic salt

    1 tablespoon sugar

    came out fantastic for my first brisket...yum yum...sorry no pics...
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