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    I bought a small 2lb brisket to try it before investing some cash in a big one. I put it in about 10a this morning at 225. It stalled about 140 for the last few hours. I never expected a small one to take this long (it's 4p now). I just wrapped it in foil at 148 degrees. Is this normal, or do you think I was too eager to wrap it so soon?

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    Do you have a therm in the smoker that will monitor the smoker temp.

    It sounds to me like your smoker is not at 225, The MES controllers are notoriously inaccurate.

    I would just finish it in the oven or crank the smoker temp up to 275.

    If you don't have one I would get a good dual probe therm, like a Maverick 733.

    Since this thread is 13 hours old, how did it turn out?


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