First Brisket, Question regarding cut of meat

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    So I've been doing my due diligence over the past week getting ready to do my first brisket and I think I'm all set.  I just had a quick question hoping anyone can shoot me some advice in regards to the packer vs. flat brisket.  From everything I read and referenced with pictures including this cool virtual brisket reference ( I can't seem to verify if I have a whole packer.  The package it came in said "whole boneless brisket" and it seems to have the strip of fatty muscle through the piece of meat that according to this forum ( that would be the split between the point and the flat.  The only reason I question it is because every picture I've seen of a full packer brisket there is a distinct difference between the point and flat end, one being thicker and bigger to a point and the other flattening out which I consider to be the "flat". 

    I'm still going to smoke this bad boy either way but was hoping there was some insight from the other seasoned pros out there so I know for next time.  Is it just the animal that the meat I got came form or the way the butcher prepared it that I don't have such a distinct difference between the two ends?  Or is it just the flat and everything I believe I understood prior to buying it is wrong?  I included a couple pictures below for reference to help anyone willing to help distinguish what I have in front of me.  Thanks in advance for any help and I will sending out some qviews tomorrow during the cook!

  2. Great looking cut of meat.  Could be the photos but... that looks like a flat to me.  I do not see a point.  Another clue: there doesn't seem to be a differing direction of grain normally seen between a point and flat in a packer.
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