First Brisket of the summer

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    So if you followed my other post, you will see I paid dearly for this brisket ($5.99/lb), but I really wanted some brisket, so I paid the price and smoked it up.

    7.3 / lbs to start with, trimmed some of the fat off, and got it ready on Thursday night:

    Rubbed on some thick Worcestershire sauce (the thick stuff is hard to find around here):

    Then coated with Black pepper, granulated garlic, and granulated onion. No salt since my wife (and I) really shouldn't have too much:

    Got the smoker ready (225) and put the brisket in @ midnight Friday night.

    Got up @ 04:00 to make sure I was out of the danger zone (was @ 152), so headed back to bed for a few more hours.  No pictures here because I didn't take my phone out with me, matter of fact, I'm lucky my eyes were open at all!!

    When I got up @ 6:45, temp was moving along nicely @ 176.

    @ 08:20 (a little earlier than I had hoped) we were @ 196 - time to come out and wrap for a rest!


    let it rest for 4hrs wrapped in foil and towels, then sliced it up for a little lunch.

    So, yea it was expensive, but it was GOOD!!

    Thanks for looking!
  2. Great job!!! Looks like you had yourself some good eats!!!
  3. Great job!!! Looks like you had yourself some good eats!!!
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    Tasty looking brisket, nice Smoke!

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