First Brisket in the Weber Kettle w/AMNS (not the first ever brisket) - almost!

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  1. So my brother and his wife came to visit for a few days and asked "anything you want us to bring?"

    We are somewhat limited here on the island, but we do have most things that we NEED...maybe not everything we I requested Brisket!    Picked them up at the airport and he hands me the heavy carry-on bag and says - Enjoy!   They came from North Carolina and bought a pair of 5.5-pound briskets.  Nice looking pieces and a whole lot cheaper than the not-quite-right slabs of beef we get (sometimes) here for a whole lot more money - triple the price!  That's why it's titled the first brisket in the Weber Kettle...just cant spend the money for inferior meat.

    So happy to see family, but inside I was really glad to see the brisket and get it started.  That was Wednesday - now it's Sunday and we dropped them off at the airport for their flight home. I get back to the villa, whip out the recipe book and start mixing up a batch of Jeff's rub with a couple of tweaks to suite the taste buds.  Get one of the briskets all rubbed and ready, into the fridge for a while and then get ready to start prepping the grill and AMNS.  Luckily I went to the grill first to remove all of the leftover ash and set it up for an overnight smoke.  

    Lets see....where did I put that other bag of charcoal...


    yep, you guessed it - that "other" bag was the one I had just emptied to make ribs the other day.

    (a very well chosen compound word uttered at that moment) the brisket will rest the night in the fridge while I reschedule the smoke.

    Sorry to tease like that, and I think you're thinking - why not just go get some more charcoal?   Well, I work at a villa that provides a vehicle (nice owner!!!) however, the owner's wife is here and is using said vehicle. Nearest place to get charcoal is about a 2 hour walk away.  Lazy? yes!  Brisket is worth it in flat lands, but not in mountains!  I can wait.  Hopefully you can too!   I will update tomorrow and will be including Qview!

    Plans include the minion method using the side coal baskets, a drip pan/water pan under the brisket and the AMNS on the opposite end. Tight fit but should be fine.  Not sure when I'll start but likely an all day smoke unless work get in the way of starting it.  Gotta replant 4 palm trees tomorrow...moving them from the pool deck level up 6 flights of stairs to the parking level - yippee!

    Beer time - gotta get that no coal frustration under control and get ready for dinner. Burgers!  Oh crap...guess its left-overs in the microwave.  aaarrrggggg!

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    You had me all excited for Weber/brisket pics! I'll keep watching hoping you get the charcoal and some time...
  3. OK...some Qview to tide you over until tomorrow:



    the other one is a 4.1 pounder - so I decided to do the bigger one first


    sorry about the blurr!    Now she is all rubbed up and ready for the sleep-over in the fridge![​IMG]

    Still can't believe I ran out of charcoal - I know what Red from That 70's Show would say!
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    WooHoo bring it on. [​IMG]
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    Looks great so far!

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    So far so good i will wait.[​IMG]
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    Virgin Island Brisket

    What next?

    Beautiful ocean pics?

    Sunset pics?

    Oh Yea, That's Right!... You already showed us!

    Looks Great My Friend!

  10. Off to a fine start[​IMG]
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    Is it on the smoker yet?
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    Great---I'll be here too!!

    How'd they do that?----Packed in dry ice??


  13. 3.55 a pound is pretty steep for around here. I guess it's a good price in the islands. I get them at my North Carolina Walmart or Sam's for 2.18 a pound.
  14. I think they paid a bit much - I prefer the Walmart pricing but it wasn't my choice.  Here if you could find a brisket like this it would cost around $35 - crazy!

    Here is the update:  work my butt off all day and never got to the brisket

    until tonight!

    grill set up and starter coals going at 7:30pm (Eastern) - Kettle holding steady at 235 right now with the brisket on and the AMNS giving it some TBS.  Got the Maverick in place and ready for a all-nighter.

    I'll set to probe in the brisket before heading off for a few winks, set the timer to check on it a few times and see if I need to add coals and then see what the morning brings.




    ok, that's what I got for Qview, now for the real view:

    Here is a shot from high atop the mountain side that we look at every day.  


    if you follow the beach (right side of photo) around to the left, we are the first villa (there are 3 right next to each other and we get the access to that little beach under us).  A private island other side of that peninsula we're on, and off to the right in the background is Jost Van Dyke and way right all faded is Tortola.

    Thanks to my Bro and his wife for freezing the Brisket and tossing in their carry-on bag. Survived the trip and was still hard as a rock!


    because he could!

    one last teaser pic - dinner out to celebrate their arrival - shot over looking downtown Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas


    I'll update as I can, we'll see if I remember to shoot some qview in the middle of the night. If not, then some morning qview.  Hope it don't rain!

  15. sand in the foil pan in case you were wondering
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    Looking fabulous there JW!!!

      Food and the living area!!

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  18. There's nothing like an overnight brisket to give a guy a good night's sleep!

    yep...slept right thru the alarms and woke up at 4:15 to a 170 degree cook and a 138 degree hunk of meat and barely enough red in the coals to get her going again - DUH!!!!!

    As you can probably guess I wasnt in the qview mode for that episode, but tossed on more coals and got them happy within 15 minutes...temps back to 228 by 5:30 with the brisket climbing - foiled at 170 and back on now for the finishing - looking to remove at 195.  

    No, I wont be going back to sleep!

    I will say it smelled and looked great!

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    Looks great so far John!

    Can't wait to see the finish.
  20. Thought I'd throw out some time/temps:

    Started at 7:30pm and by 8:30pm temps in the Weber Kettle had settled between 235 and 225 with slow fluctuations within that range.  By 10, I tossed in the meat probe and laid down for a short nap.

    (insert part where I slept until after 4am) - glad no one was around, because when I did wake up I bolted out by the kettle...standing out there in my skivvies loading charcoal and feeding the mosquitoes while using the butane torch to re-light coals!  

    5:30 smoker at 228 with meat at 170 & now in foil.

    6:00 - 227 and meat climbing to 181.

    6:16 and temp is the same, meat up another couple of degrees and the sun is up - nice view of Magens Bay with flat water and a couple boats moored out (they must have smelled something good and stopped to see if they could find it)

    One note - must have had too much moisture in the dust as the AMNS didn't get going but a 1/2 row each side (lit both ends). I smell smoke, but guess it's mostly from the lump charcoal.
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