first brisket in the new smoker

Discussion in 'Beef' started by kmccox, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. kmccox

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    I am doing a 12# brisket this weekend and need to know what kind of cook time do you guys think it will need with the smoker at 225? and at what temp should I pull it? (I want to slice it not pull it)
  2. chris_harper

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    you can figure about 1.5 hours per pound to smoke it. go by temp of the meat. you have a good probe thermometer? pull it when the meat hits 185-190°. let it rest an hour or two. then slice it. here is a thread on slicing brisket. here is a thread that is a basic guide to smoking a brisket. here is my latest brisket smoke thread. another thread to read. there are alot of brisket threads to read in this section. just start scrolling down the section, reading posts and going to the next page until you have read enough that you are comfortable smoking it. don't let it intimidate you. you most likely will hit a stall, where it stays at say 160° for what will seem forever. just let it keep going, it will start to rise again. keep your smoker temp 225-240°. also, remember, we love pics (q-view).
  3. blackhawk19

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    Great post Chris, I'm going to do one this weekend

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