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Discussion in 'Pork' started by stateofmind, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, I have been trolling these forums since I got my smoker around three weeks ago but this will be my first post.  Today I am doing my first Boston Butt for this great country's birthday (although we won't be eating it until firework time most likely due to my friend Jack).

    So pictured above is the butt going into my MES 30 at 235 with the vent wide open.  Last night it was rubbed with my favorite rub and put in plastic wrap overnight in the fridge.  I am using a blend of woods about 60/40 applewood/hickory.  Updates to follow!  I planned on leaving it in until 200 degrees then pulling it to foil and rest, any thoughts?
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  2. A picture from my last smoke.
    Bacon wrapped turkey breast roast
  3. Looks yummy!

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  4. In 4 hours and 20 minutes went from IT 45 to 138.  Around 60 more degrees to go!
  5. At five hours.
    Apple cider vinegar based q sauce made last night to go with the sammies.
  6. Am at 8 hours and stalled at 162 IT, time for more freedom brew!
  7. Well now at 9 hrs with 163 for an IT :/
  8. Thanks smokerjoe, I have found that you can't go wrong wrapping something in bacon!  Hopefully I get equally as tasty results with this pork if it would ever push through this wall.
  9. Patience is key! It will be worth the wait.
    Looking good!:xrocker:
  10. Just opened it at 10 hrs to see if wood chip tray needed to be emptied and snuck in a pic.
    IT is still slowly moving, up to 166.
  11. Hour 11 - IT 168. Very slow going. :/
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    Pork butts are very very forgiving. Crank that temp to 300. You can wrap it in foil first if you want. But 235 is pretty low. I always do my butts at 275. But I know lots and lots of guys do the low and slow thing. But im becoming a hot and fast guy.
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  13. Yeah I will try a higher temp next time, since this far into this one though just gonna ride it out. Up to IT 176 at 13.5 hrs
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  14. Well being Washington temperature outside just started dropping like a mad man so I pulled the butt to bring inside.
    Seems someone ate at it in a few places, never leave it unattended with the Mrs.

    IT 180 after 15 hrs in smoker, wrapped in aluminum foil and in oven at 250.
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  15. So it's 2 am and I am stuffed. Didn't even let it rest like I was supposed too. Pulled it from the oven at an IT 202 for a total of 17 hrs and opened the foil pack. As tried moving it completely fell apart. Super moist, smoky pulled pork! Would def say this is a success, well everything except the new burn on my tongue!
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