First Boston butt in the new smokers

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  1. Got a few catering orders for this Sunday and go figure, pulled pork and pig candy were the big sellers. Needless to say, I don't have the capital for commercial smokers at the moment and while I do enjoy fire or coal, electric is the way to go when it comes to non competition business running so I opted for 2 MES 40's. I had only made pulled pork at the BBQ place I used to run and was super hesitant since the only stuff I've made on these smokers is the jerky and bacon. Anyhow, I did it the way I was taught. 225 internal temp for 12 hours, no foil, no water. The method I was taught was to get a nice thick bark and it will lock in the juices where as the tinfoil and water tend to leave more of a soggy bark from what I've experienced through my own experiments. Anyhow, turned out great and was a huge relief. I dry rub my signature rub on it, then twice in the first 3 hours, I mix the rub with some apple cider vinegar and mop it on. From there, you just wait. Afterwards, I use my own BBQ sauce, apple cider vinegar and dry rub back into the pork and use a dough scraper to pull and chop it up.
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    Thats a nice piece of meat!  Well done.  Where did you get the whole chunk like that?
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  3. Since I'm an Llc and a catering company I get all my supplies and meats at a place called Restaurant Depot. They always come in 2 cuts. I got 22 lbs at 1.02 a lb. Here they are as I was rubbing them down with the dry rub. I still have another to go.
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    Looks great!

    Nice job!

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