First boneless CSR's

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  1. So I'm planning on smoking some boneless csr's tomorrow for Pioneer Days here in SLC. The plan is to get them started about 11:30am to eat around 6pm. The 2–2–1 method should work for these right? Gonna rub with coconut oil and my spice rub around 7am. I found a pineapple Korean bbq sauce that I want to try, so my rub is more Asian influenced.

    And for my rub:

    4 large Ancho Chiles
    4 TBLS turbinado sugar
    2 TBLS pink Himalayan salt
    3 tsp Chinese Five Spice
    2 tsp ground ginger


    I'll update this thread with Q view tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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  2. That Asian rub sounds good - I'm gonna save it  [​IMG]   Thanks  [​IMG]  2-2-1 should work fine for you - I had to do a 2-2-1/2 once but usually 2-2-1 is about right for me running at 220-240*...
  3. Almost forgot - Good luck!  [​IMG]   
  4. Thank you B. So far they are looking great. Another hour in the foil, then I'll take a temp reading to see how long the final stage should be. In the foil I added pineapple juice instead of the usual apple to keep with the theme.

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  5. You're quite welcome  [​IMG]   I'm hungry & looking forward to the finished pics  [​IMG]
  6. [​IMG]
    Just put on the smoker.

    Rack 1, after 2 hours ready to be wrapped

    Rack 2 ready for foil

    Unwrapped, painted with sauce

    All ready to eat. The pork chops are for my sister and niece, hot dogs for my nephew.

    The csr's tasted great. The sauce and rub combo was tasty. But, I think I should have gone like a 2–1–1 or something. They were dry and over cooked. One thing is, since I've been smoking I've been using natural oak lump charcoal, but the store was out this time so I had to use natural mesquite lump and it burned quite a bit hotter I noticed. I also didn't use a water pan this time. I believe the combination of those two things caused me to dry them out. It all tasted good though.

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  7. They sure look good! You say you were running hotter than normal - what temps were you getting?  CSRs can easily dry out if you're not careful. What did you add when you wrapped them?
  8. fwismoker

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    Looks delicious to me! I usually just smoke to 175...any idea what your finishing temp was?
  9. I had a spike hit 275, but I averaged about 255 the whole time. I'm normally pretty steady at 230, but today I couldn't keep it down. The more I think about it, the more I'm sure it was the lack of a water pan. The only thing I added when I wrapped them was a half cup of pineapple juice.

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  10. I temp checked them before I wrapped them to let them rest and the biggest one read 162* IT so they might have hit 170* before I served them with the carry over.

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