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  1. Since my first Canadian bacon using Pop's brine got rave reviews I wanted to try BBB using TQ and brown sugar.  Followed the weight & measure formula and cured for 10 days.  30 minute Ice water bath, then dry overnight in refrigerator.  Cold smoke with my new AMNPS using Pitmaster pellets for 11 hours. (Still had some pellets left)

    Since I couldn't babysit my WSM I finished it, along with a nice chunk of dried beef, also cured with TQ & BS in the oven @ 170°F until my Maverick thermo read 153°.  That took about 6 hours, then the beef took another 3.

    Salt/sweet balance was about as good as you could ask, and the long smoke came out perfect for my taste.  The "fat" side of this one is coming out of Pop's brine tomorrow.  Anxious to see how much difference there is in the two processes.

    For dessert there's a mixed berry cobbler using KathrynN's biscuit recipe for the top.  The only mod was adding about 1/4 cup of sugar to the biscuit dough mix.

    Tomorrow if nothing happens I'm heading to Tractor Supply to buy the MES they have on sale.  Everything I have is charcoal powered so I need something that I can run a little cooler.  Besides, that one has LOTS more rack space than my WSM.[​IMG]
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    Looks REAL good to me....   I love BBB and cobbler.... 
  3. reinhard

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    That looks very tasty, and i got to look up that recipe for that cobbler!!! i'm assuming the tenderquick and brown sugar cure you used was a dry cure method? I have done that also and Pop's cure.  Great results from both.  Reinhard
  4. Yep, that was "dry brined", just rubbed the called for amount of TQ and sugar onto the meat then into a gallon ziplock, pressed out all the air I could then into the 'fridge for 10 days, flipping and massaging every day or so.

    The cobbler is way too easy.  I just thaw frozen berries, ( 1 qt strawberries and about a pint of blackberries) I'd frozen with sugar, added another half cup of sugar, (more or less to taste), heated them up enough to melt the three tablespoons of butter I added and thickened them a bit with a couple of heaping tablespoons of cornstarch mixed with cold water.

    You can use Kat's biscuit recipe for the crust, adding a bit of sugar to the mix.  Next time I'm going to add some melted better to the mix and maybe a bit more sugar.
  5. reinhard

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    Thanks Yance!! I'll be making that cobbler for our vaction in northern Minnesota in June. Reinhard
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    Good bacon comparison. I look forward to your opinion.

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