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  1. Well I have finally got around to making my first batch of sausage. I did 25 lb. (15 Lbs of deer, 10 lbs of pork butt). I ground first through corse plate, seasoned then ran through 4.5mm plate. I used Rebel butcher smoked sausage seasoning with 4.5 cups of water and cure. Then I split the mix in half and added 1 cup if dehydrated jalepenos and 1 lb of aged sharp cheddar to one batch. Stuffed in 29mm hog casing. Let it sit for 24 hours and it's now on the smoker. ( smoking it in the MES at the firehouse 😁 ) hopefully it is gonna be as good as it looks.
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    Sounds like your off to a great start... Dont forget to post some pictures...... We love pictures.....[​IMG]
  3. Yea, working on posting picks from my phone but cant get it to work. Might have to email to myself then post once I get home. just pulled the Jap. & cheese. Turned out good, but has some splotchy spots. I was afraid it would happen smoking it laying on racks. Has a great taste and texture though. everybody at the firehouse loved it! Smoking the reg. now. Gonna rotate the racks and see if that helps.
  4. sounds good ...lets see some pics

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