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Discussion in 'For New Members' started by magicland, May 9, 2014.

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    Okay, picked up a new Masterbuilt 30" (without the window), and couldn't wait to get started. After seasoning it (figuring what the heck, it's already hot), I threw in some chicken wings, drums and thighs, and some turkey drums. Didn't really have much time to prep them, just threw some Emeril's poultry seasoning that I had in the closet on them and let them cook for 3 hours at 225.

    Ordered an AMNPS, it came in yesterday, but I need to pick up a torch to light it, so I stuck with the standard chips last night. Threw in some ribs and the point of a brisket (saving the flat for another time. Used my standard rub on both. Cooked 'em without foiling, as I wanted to establish a baseline for comparison. Again at 225, pulled the ribs after 4 hours, and the brisket after 9 (monitored the brisket temp with a probe thermometer).


    Both are "naked" at the moment, as I forgot I was out of sauce, have to run to the store to pick up stuff to make more today. Pretty impressed for my first attempts at smoking. My daughter had the chicken for breakfast AND dinner yesterday, figure I'll throw the ribs on the grill with some sauce tonight for dinner...
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    Nice job; everything looks GREAT!

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