First attempt with my Weber and Smokenator

Discussion in 'Pork' started by mike chs, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. I just registered today and since I've drooled over many a picture on here while lurking, I figured I needed to post my first attempt at smoking a pork butt with my Weber and Smokenator. I was amazed how well it turned out and even though I was pushing the time for it to hit the dinner table it was a hit. I just did a straight 6 hour smoke without covering the meat but I did drop the heat way down for the last hour. I do a lot of woodworking with cherry wood so that is my usual wood chunks. I also use a lot of maple but that's usually for poultry.
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    Congrats on your first smoke. What did you think of the Smokenator? Also, tell us a little more about the process.
    What did you use for a rub? What was the grate temp and what was the final internal temp of the meat.

  3. I had been using the indirect method with the coals for a long time but had no idea that the Smokenator would make it that much better till getting it. The review were so hot that I figured it was worth trying (and it was). I was guessing the grate temp on this one which should have been around 200-210 for the first 3 hours and I got that down probably around 190 for the last couple of hours. I pulled it off and let it sit in the microwave when it topped 150. My microwave is better insulated than any cooler that I have. :) The rub was similar to the Porker's Rib Rub on this site but I like a little more bite and added red pepper flakes, celery salt and cayenne.
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    Looks Great, Nice Job...[​IMG]

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