First attempt at ribs tomorrow

Discussion in 'UK Smokers' started by resurrected, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I bought two packs of these today and am going to smoke them tomorrow

    I've peeled the membranes, covered in some sweet mustard

    Added my rub

    Now they are in the fridge overnight.

    I intend to use a 2-2-1 method (unless advised otherwise).

    I've friends arriving about 5pm,so wondered what the cooking time would be?

    Thanks for any replies in advance.
  2. dont have any advice for you, but would be interested to know what rub you've used? also what you're cooking on?
  3. Depends when you want them ready for. If you want them ready for 6 then I'd aim to have them ready for 5.30 ish so onto the smoker at 12pm. They will always keep warm for an hour or so if you let the smoker go out at 5.30 and aren't ready to eat yet.

    One tip from my own experience is if the bones don't separate from the meat easily after being in foil for the 2 hours, keep them in the foil to steam some more.
  4. wade

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    Good advice from Will.

    For these I would probably go for 3:2:?. The 3 hours open plus the 2 hours foiled will get them pretty much there and then you can judge how much of the last hour you actually need. Sometimes they are ready after the 5 hours but other ribs may need the extra hour.

    The resting in foil is good and helps to keep them moist when cut so don't be tempted to skip this step.
  5. smokewood

    smokewood Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    Great advice from Will and Wade, always allow extra time on your side as things can sometimes go wrong.  

    Personally I prefer the 3-2-1 method. but the last ribs I cooked ended up being 3-3-1, so that's what I mean by giving yourself plenty of time.  I personally prefer by ribs to practically fall off the bone so I cook my ribs a little hotter at about 270-290.

     Are you going to spritze them before you wrap them in foil ?

    I look forward to seeing the results 
  6. Hi Dave,

    I'll be cooking them on a ProQ Frontier and I use an a rub that consists of the following :

    1 Measure of coarsly ground black pepper
    3 Measures ground Coriander
    1 Measures Garlic Powder/ flakes
    1 Measure yellow mustard powder
    6 Measures Paprika
    3 Measures dried Pimento flakes
    2 Measures Mixed Herbs
    1 Measure ground Celery
    2 Measures Coarse Sea Salt
    2 Measures Demerera Sugar

    I cannot take credit for the mix, it is from who manufacture the smoker. I've used this on several things now and it's very tasty.

    For the smoke I'll probably use a mix of hickory, beech & apple chips.
  7. Thank you everyone. I meant 3:2:1 in my original post. Not sure where the 2:2:1 came from.

    I'm not sure about the spritzing. I may sprite two and leave two just so I can gauge the difference it makes.
  8. smokewood

    smokewood Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    You have got a lot of flavours competing with Hickory, Beech and Apple.  
  9. I know.

    I'm thinking of using a 2:1 mix of hickory & beech for the first smoke.

    Then for the last hour after the first foil is off apple.

    Again, any suggestions welcome.
  10. smokewood

    smokewood Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    Hickory can be quite an overpowering taste. I know everyone raves about it but personally I am not too keen on it, or if I do use it, I use it sparingly.

    I would keep things simple, and get to know your flavours.  Use one flavour at a time, or if you are going to combine flavours use 2 flavours instead of 3 or more.  That way if you are not keen on the flavour it is easier to determine which flavour didn't work for you. 

    Beech & apple would work. In my opinion not enough people use Beech, and it is a great Smoking Wood.

    Do you have any Oak?  if so try Oak & Apple in a 50/50 mix, that is personally my favourite.  Or even Cherry with Oak, that works well also.

    Keep us posted.
  11. At present I've:

    Oak Wood Chips
    Beech Wood Chips
    Hickory Wood Chips
    Apple Wood Chips
    Cherry Wood Chips
  12. smokewood

    smokewood Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    For anything more than an hour I would personally use chunks, but you have a good  selection of Smoking Woods.
  13. Of course you wood :yahoo: :biggrin: :yahoo:

    But in all seriousness, the chips are what I bought when I purchased the ProQ, never knew anything else was used.

    I tend to use one or two handfuls, which I soak for half hour. Then wrap in a foil parcel which I puncture before dropping onto the hot coals.
  14. smokewood

    smokewood Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    That's the thing a lot of people are not aware that chunks are out there.  instead of dropping directly onto the coals, drop alongside, or near the coals they burn a bit slower but not much, 

    When you say one or two handfuls, is that for the whole of the cook or every half hour?

    I will be bringing some chunks, chips & dust down to the Smokers Weekend in a couple of weeks, so then you can decide which you prefer.

    It is way past my bed time and I need all the beauty sleep I can get so I will pick this up in the morning if that is OK.
  15. I put them on at the start of the cook and when I stop getting smoke put a few more on. Ive certainly not done it every half hour though.
  16. kiska95

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    Got my Baby Back ribs on as we speak! Going for the 3-2-1 Oven temp @ 110c

    Also just to try them out, I've got an Ox Tongue and Ox Tail in there too, thought I would try either end as I have tried all of the middle bits[​IMG]

    Is the finish temp for tongue the same as for brisket?

    This is my rub for the ribs, I made a big batch to keep in a mason Jar. Most ingredients are a Knock off of "Magic Dust"

    1 cup Smoked Paprika

    1/2 cup Brown Sugar

    1/2 cup Kosher Salt

    1/2 cup Garlic Powder

    1/2 Cup Chili Powder

    4 Table spoons of Onion Powder

    4 Table spoons Coarse Black Pepper

    4 Table spoons Dry Mustard

    4 Table spoons Cumin

    2 Table spoons Cayenne pepper

    1 Table spoon Celery salt

    1 Table spoon of Umami (Makro)
  17. smokewood

    smokewood Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    Where do you get kosher salt from? And what is umami
  18. I was about to ask the exact same questions.

    Ribs unfoiled and in for final hour.

  19. Hello.  Umami.  Isn't that where you fold paper and make a swan?   NO; that is origami.  Is it where you sing along to the music?   No; that is karaoke.  Well I don't think it is where you eat raw bait; I am sure that is sushi.  So what tha heck is umami??  [​IMG]   Keep Smokin!

  20. Umami is the 5th taste it's a kind of savoury meatiness that you get from things such as: Parmesan, mushrooms, anchovies e.t.c it's the flavour that MSG is used for although you can buy 'umami paste' in tubes which is a combination of the above ingredients and others without the MSG. It adds depth of flavour to dishes :)

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