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Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by jfloate, May 5, 2013.

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    I just got here last night so I didn't really get a chance to look around on here much. I asked for a pork butt but got a pork sirloin. The Admiral (my wife) told me to make it work and since everything I grill tends to come out really good (she's biased), then we wouldn't have a problem. I told her it would work out just fine! NOW, here's my dilemma, my whole life experience doing this can be summed up into one word.....NEVER! Well, I do have some experience with pulled pork, just on the customer level and watching BBQ Pitmasters,  but I wouldn't call me a pro.

    So, last night I got out my apple wood chips and soaked them overnight and got my pork ready. I used a new rub I got from Sams club (still don't have a home made one JUST yet), it was one of those grilling mates rosemary, garlic ones, it smelled good, so it went on along with garlic powder, salt and pepper. Back into the fridge it went.

    I got up around 630 to start the coals.......didn't make coffee thinking it would be quick and I could get back on the chair for a nap for an hour or so.......

    Got up again around 745.........oh darn......coals went out. Well I relit them and added a piece of mesquite next to my tree I trimmed last weekend, so I used it to make the flame go........and go it went.

    Around 815 Starbucks coffee in hand (yeah, I am kind of a snob when it comes to coffee, but that's a different forum), I got it all good to go. Charcoal is goin strong in my 55 gallon drum. So I head back inside and get the pork finalized by putting it in a roasting tin wrapped in beacon. I put 2 cut up apples and 12 or so ounces of apple juice in the bottom. Around 9 am, added soaked apple wood to fire and put pork on.

    Checked, and basted every two hours.

    Checked around 2pm, stuck fork in and was pleased, texture and taste was phenomenal.

    Took off grill around 230pm, went inside and shredded it, found bones, took them out, added KC Materpiece / A1 blend for kick, mixed it all together.

    Baked garlic sourdough sub rolls, finished baked beans and potato salad to go with.

    300pm.......Yum! Another success!

    330pm, wanted to brag on forum, but realized everyone here included pics of their masterpieces and I realized I forgot mine during this whole revolution, decided not to really care and noted to promise visual experience next time. Trust me, it was awesome!
  2. I'm doing a brisket right now because I couldn't bring myself to do pulled pork yet. But I might change my mind later this week :)

    Where's pics???? Ohhhh that's right you forgot :)

  3. seenred

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    Sounds great!  Congrats...

  4. jfloate

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    well according to conventional wisdom, I did it wrong anyway lol. I can't wait until I can do it with the right cut. Yup, I forgot the camera, not next time though! I haven't done a brisket yet, I think I will have to try that soon.
  5. so ms smoker

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     Glad it came out great jfloate!  If you liked the way it came out, it wasn't done wrong, just different!

    Turbo, if you already do brisket well, then pulled pork will be no problem.

  6. Sounds like some good sammies you had...Remember for next time.[​IMG]
  7. tjnamtiw

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    Well, I just got done pulling my first pork butt!!! OMG!!!! There is no going back from this point.  I did an 8 pound butt using a rosemary and brown sugar dry rub that I got off of the internet.  Cooked it in my MES 40" with the glass door at 250 degrees.  It took 7 hours to get to 195 degrees.  At that point, I stuck a fork in it and turned it 90 degrees and it shredded right before my eyes!  Took it off the rack and brought it inside where I made quick work of pulling it with two big forks.  The bone pulled right out with no meat sticking to it, which I read is another indicator of being done.  

    Yes, this time I remembered to take a picture!
  8. jp61

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    Looks good! 

    You mentioned MES40 with glass door, I too have one of those......and then it hit me. [​IMG]  I'm gonna start working on a windshield wiper mod for the inside of the door because once you load that smoker up with big hunks of meat, the window becomes almost useless.
  9. tjnamtiw

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    Yea, by the end of the smoke, the window was completely covered with dripping smoked residue.  Before that you could watch the smoke curl around and get some idea of the heat path that was taken as it came from the burner and out the vent on the left.  Pretty interesting.  

    Man was that good eating!  We have two more 8 pounders in the fridge that WERE destined for sausage but now....................  maybe not.  We couldn't go wrong with Boston butt at $0.99 a pound!!!  Screw beef!

    My pellet stove heaters have an air gap at the bottom of the window that channels fresh air up along the window and keeps the ash off of it.  I wonder if something like that would be possible.  
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  10. Looks great.... You are definitely hooked for sure....Welcome to the club........[​IMG]

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