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Discussion in 'Fatties' started by lexscsmoker, Apr 14, 2009.

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    Alright, so I tried some fatties for the first time. I know, if there's no q-view then it didn't happen. Well I don't know how to post my pics on here so you'll have to take my word.
    The first one I did was pizza. I had pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni w/ 1lb of sausage. It turned out pretty good except I didn't put enough cheese. I couldn't wait till the weekend so I did that one on Thursday night. I smoked this one at 250 deg for 2hrs w/ hickory. I only used 1 little chunk so it didn't have much wood flavor.

    The next two were done on Saturday. I had a rack and a half of ribs already going then I added a breakfast and pizza Fatty. The breakfast fatty was a major hit. My wife would love if I made these every week. I had to use 1.5 lbs of sausage b/c the eggs were busting out. I scrambled eggs w/ ham and cheese. This was smoked at 250 deg for 2.5 hrs. I added an extra 30 min b/c of the other food I had in the smoker.

    When I made the pizza one I made sure I added LOTS of cheese. That one turned out better. I wrapped it in bacon but I used the cheap bacon. Right now I'm going to make a shameless plug for the best bacon ever. My father-in-law co-owns a Country Store in town that sells Pork and bacon, etc. ( I can't wait to make a breakfast one w/ the real bacon.

    When I posted on "Roll Call" I said I had an ECB. I was not happy with the lack of heat output so I bought a GOSM. My first big smoke was awesome. Thanks to everyone who helped me out on the fatties.
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    Congrats on your fatties! Glad they turned out so well.
    Easiest way to post pics (I think) is sign up to , select the 600x800 size upload and then copy the furthest down code the "IMG code" and just paste it in your post, then the pic will show up.
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    Fatties are the best first smokes to do. Not to mention, they go good with just about everything else you're smoking. Go th and open a free account. Then you can upload your pics and copy and paste them right from there.
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    need pics..........PLEASE
  5. rivet

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    That's the way to go.

    Your Fatties sound great, and look forward to future cookin!

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