Firing the Char-Broil up!

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by jd1983, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. I'm pretty new here and joined to see about smokehouse and UDS builds. I have a Char-Broil electric that I have used and been happy with the results but I want to improve the quality I'm producing. After reading through some threads, I found some good tips for using my cheapo electric that I'm going to try. I have 2 elk roasts resting from the refrigerator that will be going in as soon as the smoker is ready. Hopefully these turn out well.
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    Good Luck to you and don`t forget the qview. You are starting with some good meat.
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    Hey JD, forgot to welcome you on the roll call thread. Always nice to see others on here from the Big Sky State. If you have any questions about the UDS's drop me a PM. I have built a couple now, they are perfect for us Montanans, they hold their temps great in the winter, I used mine to make venison pastrami this winter, it was in the -20's and it did great! The other plus is that the temps aren't affected by the wind. I have a GOSM but have pretty much been using the drum exclusively for just about everything. Did I mention that I love my drum?
  4. Well, I never really got the smoke going that I wanted. I placed a handful or dry hickory chips and 3 large hickory chunks, all dry, by the element and added 4 pieces of lump half way through. The chunks never really started smoldering.

    I just pulled the roasts as their internal temp was reading 140ish. I actually did pretty well at holding the cooking temp around 215 - 225 the whole time. I'll get a photo of the finished product after it is finished resting in the cooler.
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    yo jd----
    i had a char-broil electric......
    i loved it......
    she lasted about 5 years............

    i also bought a food processer at yard sale and put a small hand full of chips at a time and grind to almost saw dust.....

    i had to get sawdust to get a lot of smoke-

    i m o the chunks never burned correctly.
    the chips sometimes worked ok.....
    the saw dust works great....

    i make little trays out of beer cans,
    and place directly on burner....

    i use allied kenco for the "DUST" and sausage supplies...

    do the google for allied kenco

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