Fire died while smoking a butt!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by radsmoke74, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. radsmoke74

    radsmoke74 Fire Starter

    Ok so I went to bed at 1 am and smoker was holding at 271 nice and stable. Woke up at 5 am and smoker had went down to 150. I checked internal meat temp and center was 140 on the nose. Quickly resolved the problem and smoker back up to 230 within 30 minutes. So my ? Is this butt should be l right? Looking at it from a safety stand point. I am thinking there is a cat or something like a raccoon causing this problem. My top damper was shut. The last time I did this temp shot up to 300 I caught it just in time and my vent was opened up a lot more then when I left it. So something is playing games cause I have done this many times before with same smoker and no issues and setting on vents are changed both times when I get up to check. Anyway temp in center was at 140 I am thinking temp could not have been low on smoker that long and this butt should fine. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  2. wade

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    Hi Radsmoke

    For personal consumption the butt should still be perfectly safe to eat though I would not leave it hanging around too long - not that it probabbly would be.
  3. daveomak

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    Everything is fine from a food safety issue.....  I think your neighbor doesn't like the smoke while he's sleeping.... Maybe....   Dave
  4. radsmoke74

    radsmoke74 Fire Starter

    That could be about the neighbor lol!
  5. I recommend a security camera so when you wake up you can see who/what the culprit is.  You might be sleep walking and shutting it yourself!  LOL
  6. dward51

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    I like the trail cam idea.  Then you will know for sure.

    I doubt it's critters closing vents.  They would be more apt to open them if they smelled meat (trying to reach in), but due to the heat and smoke I really doubt they are trying to "reach in" as all they would smell is smoke.  My money is on the two legged critters.
  7. radsmoke74

    radsmoke74 Fire Starter

    Yeah I am thinking teenagers maybe trail cam is a good idea. At least I saved my Q and slapped on some thick sliced cherry wood bacon with John Henry texas pecan rub sprinkled on fer breakfast this stuff is like candy when done
  8. Yeah  I think someone is messing with you,    You don't sleepwalk do you ?

  9. pgsmoker64

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    [​IMG]   How does your wife feel about your new hobby?

    I like the idea of the trail cam but make sure you hide it well.

  10. eman

    eman Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member

  11. radsmoke74

    radsmoke74 Fire Starter

    Lol don't think I am sleep walking and been smoking for a long time so I think ( hope ) the wife is not telling me something lol! Not really sure a few kids that have been known to Rome around late at night so maybe I don't know I know it has happened twice once vent got opened all the way and temp shot up and now vent got shut and temp went down I did catch it both times with no damage done but if I was not paying pretty good attention it would have been disaster oh well what I have right now is a killer done product taking a nap in the cooler and nobody has access but me and I'm wide awake lol! I still wonder about this cat around here as well he has been on top of this smoker before when it wasn't running and this thing is cool to the touch on the outside its insulated very well anywho I may never know I think I may have my wife lock up the car keys just invade I have been wondering out to the smoker for a late night snack!
  12. Hope you figure it out,

  13. eman

    eman Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member

    put a dusting of flour on the top of your smoker. if it is an animal you will see paw prints. If it is human they may see the flour but you will still know someone fooled w/ the vent.
  14. bigtexun

    bigtexun Newbie

    Put set-screws on the vents to make it more difficult to easily alter them...

    Or use a temperature monitor that will set off an alarm if something goes wrong...
  15. ches

    ches Newbie

    I smoked a 20 lb ham cut in half yesterday during the day. I had two dogs that I had never seen prior come into my yard and walk near my smoker. Guess it must have smelled good. I am betting you have a coon problem and they are moving the vent to try to get to the meat (or the smell). But that's only my guess.
  16. driedstick

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    Trail cam or take the beer goggles off before wrapping things up for the night LOL [​IMG]   [​IMG]
  17. radsmoke74

    radsmoke74 Fire Starter

    Lol good replies! I am still thinking cat or raccoon something of that nature I will try the flower sprinkled on top I am going to bet some paw prints might show up
  18. brianbray

    brianbray Newbie

    I am surprised that in this big a group the most obvious answer did not come up.

    It's aliens.

    Of course they would be here looking for the best of everything on earth and obviously a chunk of smoked pork is near the top of that list.

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