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Discussion in 'Pork' started by ikinya6, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Last week, my ribs finished cooking about 2 hours before guests were supposed to arrive.  I left them in the smoker at just under 200, and they got a little dry.  They set up ok, and I could cut them pretty well, and the meat came off the bone very nicely.  Everyone loved them, of course, but the pitmaster in me wasn't satisfied.  I think they would have been perfect if I had pulled them earlier.  Any ideas on how to keep the ribs warm, and safe, if they get done too soon? I hate to put them in the refrigerator only to start heating them up a little while later.  (My thoughts were to just start eating... not my fault if my guests wait to get here on time when there's meat in the smoker...)
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    Personally, I'd pull them a bit before they were ready, fridge them then reheat them.   Strange as it may seem, reheated ribs are very tasty  :) Reheat can be done a number of ways, spritz them and put them back in the smoker or oven, or do them on a grill. 
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    Same thing happened to me last weekend...I smoked 4 racks of spares and they were done early, over an hour before the scheduled dinner time.  I just foil wrapped them and covered them with a towel on a warm stove top for about an hour.  I wanted them to rest and stay warm, but not continue to cook because they were already nearly fall-off-the-bone tender.  If I had needed to keep them longer, I would have probably had to put them in a cooler or a warm oven.


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