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  1. There are lots of posts out there about folks "mailbox mods". Well after a lot of research, I decided to do my own version of a mailbox mod with an old mailbox I've had laying around.
    Ok, technically it's not a mailbox it's a US Mail Relay Box but it will work. So I decided on a vertical reverse flow.
    Everything laid out and marked.
    Since I am putting the door in the side of the box, I decided to put all my vents in the bottom front.
    Have plenty of 1 1/4" ID pipe from old handrails laying around, so I will use this to get my high vents up where they need to be.
    I think I have it worked out, but will take any suggestions from you experienced builders as this will be my first build.
  2. Stopped to get a bite to eat and got put on babysitting duty with the 2 yr old grand-daughter while the wife goes to town so no steel cutting today.
  3. Was able to get the vents cut and some minor work done, hopefully I can at least get the firebox done tomorrow.
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    Look'in good so far. How cool is that to have just had that box laying around! Keep the pics coming when you can.
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    Disgruntled, disabled former Postal Employee here...about time that cess pool of an establishment had something that is of use...
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  6. I was able to get this box over a year ago because I am a maintenance contractor for the post office. This is a one shot deal now because the Postal Inspectors won't let them be given away. They say someone may set it somewhere with explosives in it.
    I figure it should make a bada$$ smoker.
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    The Phoenix P&DC used Davis Salvage in the past. I used to go there to get a few things, one of them being the wheels from various different kinds of Postal equipment. Can't help but wonder if they don't have a few of those boxes in their inventory.
  8. They may. Postal Inspectors now require them to be destroyed in the presence of a postal maintenance employee with signed paperwork.
  9. gunkle

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    Great Idea. Look forward to following  this build. 
  10. Managed to get a little done today. Got the bottom, with vents and insulation underneath, put in. Then the back and left side of the firebox.
    Laid out for the firebox door and welded the interior framework for it so it won't warp when I cut it out.
    Knew it was time to quit because my eyes were starting to hurt and my welds were getting ugly but went ahead and drilled one upper vent hole just because.
    Cut out the front and top of the firebox, but I want to get that shelf cut out of the cabinet and burn the cabinet out before I do any more.
  11. I managed to get some more done. I burned the cabinet out yesterday which managed to warp the door but I can fix that. picked up a bottle of argon this week and hooked my little Millermatic welder to my generator to run 220v and went back over all the welds on the firebox.
    Messed up and put the front on the firebox before I put in the upper vent pipes so when I put the pipes in they were a little off but they will work.

    Got the top of the firebox cut out and welded in.
    Tacked in some roofing nails to hold the kaowool in place and got the rear 18ga wall panel tacked in. Side wall panels still need to go in so plenty of tack welds will hold the back in place.

    Still have quite a bit to do, but it's getting there.
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  12. rmmurray

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    Keep it coming. I wish you had pics of the burn out. Those are always cool to see. Keep yo the good work.
  13. Made some progress today. Got the cook chamber handle in and fabbed to use the original rod latches.

    Insulation on side walls and lower inner walls tacked in place. Exhaust stack installed.

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  14. rmmurray

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    Good job. Keep up the good work.
  15. lendecatural

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    Welds look like they burned in nicely on the 220, great job!!
  16. Thanks Len. Welding the 18ga is giving me fits though. If, that's a big IF, I ever build another one I will probably not use less than 16 gauge.
  17. Thanks RM. Definitely a learning process.
  18. Mailman showed up today thinking it was my birthday.

  19. Looking Good     Be watching 
  20. I got a little done this weekend. Lost Saturday to take the family to the Angola State Prison Rodeo. Had a great time but was ready to work Sunday. Got the top interior in, that was quite a job getting that one in and fit. Then I managed to get the corners "welded" up. I can't get my machine set right to get nice welds in the corners of this 18ga. It either spits, sputters and pops or blows through. Also got the rear separating panel in and tacked in place. Drilled some holes in it to get some extra welds into the chimney.

    Didn't get pictures of the vent controls so I will have to show that later.


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