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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by ncage, Jul 16, 2014.

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    I finalllly got one. For those of you who remember me you will probably remember i had lots of issues in December (around christmas). I bought the Char-Griller unit at lowes. The first unit i received had a bad controller (p-mode would not change), the second unit i received was bent all out to hell (when you lowered the door there was a 2-inch gap) even through there was no damage to the box. 

    Well i decided to give it ONE more try. So i actually ordered 2. One for my father for fathers day & one for me. Both of them have been perfect (thank god) and i haven't had any issues at all. The char-griller is built like a tank for the money. Apparently the have QA issues though. If you get a good one they are all set. 

    I bought the char-griller because i wasn't sure if i would be happy with the smoke flavor of a pellet grill but i definitely am. I still prefer the flavor of the food of the WSM but the pellet is SOOO much easier. Thats not saying the flavor of the food of the pellet grill is bad, i actually like it a LOT just in my book the WSM is the tops. With that being said i will probably use the pellet much much more. For those that say that pellet grills have no smoke flavor i very much disagree. There is definitely a very distinct smokey flavor to the food (lighter than the wsm of course). I would say its between the WSM & Electric smoker. 

    So far i've cooked twice on it an absolutely love it. I made wings the first time and Coney Hot Dogs the second. If i had to do it over again i would probably get a more expensive unit. Not saying the Char-Griller is bad because it isn't but i would probably spend my hard earn cash on a quality american built unit like the PG500 or PG1000.

    Wife also was irritated at first when i ordered it but she has came around :). Maybe that means i can get an upgrade in the future :)

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