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Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by meyerbbq, May 18, 2016.

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    So in my town there is no local butcher where I can have steaks cut to my liking. Well after doing some research I found a butcher shop about an hr from me. I called and placed my order and here's what I received! 

    I got 2 of these ~2.5in thick Cowboy Ribeye's. 

    Not pictured, 2 boneless ribeyes ~1.75-2in thick, and two Filets 10oz and 6oz. 

    No comes the crazy part. For one of the above pictured Ribeyes it was going to be 36$, but he ended up selling me both for 38$!!! and gave me that discount for my whole order. 

    So for Qty 2: ~32oz (prob more) bone in ribeyes, Qty 2~28oz boneless ribeyes, Qty 2 filets 16oz total, and 2 lbs of Ground beef my total was 92$. And he gave me a free shot of Makers Mark! Needless to say, I'll be going back! 

    These will be going on the grill Thursday Night! 
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    Sounds like you did really Great at that Butcher!!!

    There are butcher shops all over the place in my area, but their prices are much higher than the big Stores like Giant and Weis.

    If you ask at places like Giant & Weis, they will cut what you want too.

    Sometimes I'll tell them I want something like this:

    #1  Cut the bones off of 8 Rib Roasts (5 to 6 pound roasts), leaving an extra 1" of meat on the Bone side of the cuts.

    #2  Cut 1" Steaks out of 2 of the Roasts.

    #3  Leave the other 6 roasts as Boneless Rib Roasts.

    They have no problem doing that for me, even if they're busy they will have me come back for them, but they will do it.

    The last time I did something like this was during the Easter week sale, when I paid $4.99 a pound for "Choice" Rib Roast.

  3. meyerbbq

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    Thank you Bear, I will be cooking these steaks tonight using a reverse sear. I hope they turn out as good as they look! 
  4. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I'll be watching!!


  5. meyerbbq

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    Alright so I cooked the steaks last night. 

    I put these on the primo at 275* for about an hr until the IT got to 125* (flipped about about 85*). After I pulled them I took them into the house to rest, while resting I got my cast iron pans up to screaming hot and seared both sides for about 2 mins, basting in butter, garlic, and rosemary. Both of the steaks IT came out beautifully with a med-med rare consistent color from top to bottom. 

    My only issue is the beef flavor was over powered by what came off as a bacony type flavor. I was reading an article or something that said to salt your steaks about 40 min prior to grilling and let them come up to room temp which I did, but it seems like this caused almost a "curing" reaction cause my beef to have this off flavor. I will try this again but salt just before going on the grill instead of 40 mins ahead of time. 

    Curious as to others thoughts. 

    *EDIT* for some reason I can't attach a photo right now. 
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  6. bearcarver

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    Sounds Great !!

    I can't help you with the salt/Bacon flavor thing.

    Since a Dr screwed my organs up, I add NO salt before, during, or after cooking any meats.

  7. meyerbbq

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    Hey got the photo to work! 
  8. bearcarver

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    That Looks Real Nice from the Bear Den!![​IMG]

    Nice Job!![​IMG]

  9. meyerbbq

    meyerbbq Fire Starter

    I wish I could say they tasted as good as they look, but I'm thinking the salting was the culprit. Will try this again soon. 

    Just need to think of a reason to talk the Lady into going out of town tomorrow morning :) 
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