FINALLY decided on a pellet grill.

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by zcomanche, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. After months of research, scouring the web and pouring through you tube videos, I FINALLY decided on the Yoder 640.

    Drove over 5 hours to pick it up and im extremely happy. Its 1:15 am here, and I got a BIG brisket on and am enjoying a few barley pops on the back porch.....its 68 degrees here in the middle of July! Life is good.
  2. Glad you love it.. You lucked out with 68, it's still mid 80's at 1:23am.. I'm grilling up some brats for a late night snack!
  3. How in the world is it cooler down south in July?? LOL

    Gonna use Dutch's beef brisket stickie, smoke to 170 then foil.....and I got 3 slabs of ribs in the fridge soaking in the rub to put on later.

    Sure gonna eat good tomorrow!
  4. Best of luck on your maiden voyage!
  5. No kidding! Thanks, ill let you know how it turned out.
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    Congrats on the new grill.  Where are the pics? 
  7. bigtrain74

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    Great to hear. I ordered my Rec Tec last week. They finally have them in and are ready to ship! Hope to be smoking with ya soon!
  8. would you mind sharing what were the factors that led you to the Yoder and what other brands you reviewed?
  9. chef jimmyj

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    Good Luck...Man I have spent a lot of time in Norman. At the Postal School during the day and gettin' all fired up at Opie's on W Lindsey at night...JJ
  10. Ill get some pics. up shortly.

    I went with the Yoder, just my opinion, not bashing any other pellet smokers.

    I looked at the Memphis, very nice unit, the all stainless was nice, but,  for 2,300 +  I felt like it didn't have a big enough cooking surface to justify the  cost.

    Looked at the MAK 2 and was pretty impressed, good build, nice stainless. Liked the pellet boss....Shipped was @ $2,300 Not a bad price for a high quality unit, but felt like I was just paying for a lot of stainless steel that I didn't care to have.

    The Rec Tec looked good, great price. This was a close second in my choice, the made in China bothered me a little, I wouldn't be surprised if my Yoder steel is from China.

    The Grilla had a lot of nice features but it was just way to small for $1,500.

    The Blazn looked really good also. Got real serious on this smoker, but after a few slow responding and one no reply to my e- mails, I figured if I cant get answers before I buy, what can I expect if I have a problem?

    The Yoder is 300+ pounds, thick steel, LOTS of room and liked a lot of the features. The large front and side chrome racks on the outside give a lot of room for mops, rubs and utencils. The inside is large, especially with the upper stainless cooking grate.  Being able to move the damper back and forth to aim the heat was a neat idea. And the searing grates are pretty cool, you can sear and get good marks on your meat, the Yoder just seemed real versatile. And the warranty is decent for a $1,500 smoker.

    Again this is just my opinion, I bought the pellet grill that suited my tastes and style. Boy it was a hard decision with all the great smokers out there now.
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  11. It is a nice cooker made here in the USA.  I have had mine since Jan.  and am still learning it.  Fyi it will go through some pellets in colder temps. 
  12. seenred

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    Congrats, Z!  Those Yoders are real nice pits.  You'll get years of great que out of that rig.

  13. I saw the Yoders at the Jack and can't get my mind off them.  There were others there as well but the Yoders were the best in my opinion.  I look forward to the photos  of your cook(s).

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