Finally achieved beef ribs that pulled clean off of the bone. :) Q-view (proper this time)

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  1. I don't know if it was the fact that they were full racks vs the sectioned racks the local store sells, or if the moon phase was right, or what, but on the 5th try, I got them how I wanted them.

    Basic m.o., rubbed and sat for a couple hours, onto a 225 degree smoker burning straight hickory, then 3-2-1 method. Foiled with equal parts SBR Vidalia Onion, apple juice, and white vinegar.

    Other pics: smoked boiled eggs, perfect chicken legs on the smoker, perfect chicken legs on plate after a few minutes under the broiler to  crisp the skin, and my first attempt at smoking brats, not in that order. (Ribs at the bottom, one of whole rack, one of a clean bone)

    My apologies to the mods for my incorrect  attempted post last night. Think I had a few too many adult beverages to have been trying to play with technology. lol :)
  2. All looks great. Glad you got it the way you like it. That's why it is important to take you can repeat if you like and never do it again if you don't

    Happy smoken.

  3. disco

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    Thanks for posting this. I have a buddy coming to visit from out of town who wants beef ribs and I haven't done any yet. This helps.


  4. Happy to help. They're preferred over pork ribs by the missus, but I was getting annoyed that while the first attempts were delicious, they weren't as tender as I would have liked. I really think it was having the whole rack of 7 bones. Got them at Wal-Mart for $1.98/lb.

    This was the first time that they really drew up and exposed the bones before foiling. Idk. Next, I continue my mission to find a whole 'short plate'. Supposedly short ribs are the best cut of beef fib, being more meaty (equivalent to spares on a hog), from what I've read.

    Getting ready to fire up the grill, tonight's dinner is a grilled bottom round roast, loaded baked potatoes, and Glory brand field peas with snaps. (If they have Glory brand canned goods in your area, def try them if you never have. Best quick meal canned veggies, as they're about perfect right out of the can, imho. :))
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    Sounds like you eat pretty well! 

    I actually buy very little in the way of vegetables this time of year thanks to a successful garden. Then I try and preserve my veggies.

    As for Glory brand being available here, a lot of the products from the US aren't available up here in Canada.

    Thanks again for the great post.

  6. I didn't see your location before I posted. :) They're probably not available in a lot of the US, they're all Southern recipe/flavor based. Who knows. lol

    Jealous of your garden, we don't have enough yard for one, and it would probably be against the rules of living in city limits. :) I miss the homegrown tomatoes that go along with living in the sticks. :)
  7. disco

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    I moved out of the big smoke to the Mountains about 20 years ago and will never go back! That being said, I hear the southern US is beautiful too.

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    You do get some pull back on beef ribs but man are they good.  Great job on your meal.  when you locate a place that has short rib plates, ask for the meaty end of the plate. Should have not more than 3 to 4 rib bones per plate.  They are awesome!!!! Reinhard
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    Tasty looking beef ribs! When I buy mine I ask the butcher for the untrimmed pack. If they cut their own meat at the market you shop at they will have them in the back. They will be cryo packed and there usually will be two racks in a pack. They should look like this out of the pack (this rack has been halved)

    Almost looks like bacon!
  10. How long and what temp on the smoked boiled eggs ?  do the eggs get tough after the smoke ?
  11. redneck69

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    love beef ribs..yours look awesome..i need to do some more
  12. Great job on the beef ribs!  Glad you got the result you were after.  How were the eggs? I have never thought to smoke hard boiled eggs but you have me curious.
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    Hey Disco,

    I did something a while back that I really enjoyed and thought I would throw it out there to you.  I have only tried beef ribs a couple of times and only got something that I liked once.  Here is what I did.

    I seasoned them like I do a good beef steak (whatever floats your boat for flavor).  Then I got a good char on them on my charcoal Weber - I wasn't looking to cook them but to get that grilled taste of the rib section of beef so let the flames fly.  Moved them over to the smoker for 2 hours at 225-230.  Foiled them tightly for 1 hour with no juice.  Then back on the smoker for about 1 hr.  They were fall off the bone (I don't like it that tender so I would cut the foiling back to 45 minutes) but the flavor was like a grilled ribeye steak on a stick.

    Basically, I seasoned them, charred them on a flame and then smoked them like baby backs with no sauce during the foil part.  The taste was very good to me, but I have not eaten or cooked many beef ribs.
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  14. disco

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    Thanks for the suggestion. One of the best things about this site is all the different techniques. I gives you the opportunity to try them and find the one you like best. This will go on my to do list. Thanks!


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