Fattie rolling and eggs

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by whistler, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. whistler

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    Sorry, no Q-view just a musing/question.

    I've made a couple of fatties with various homemade vension sausages. The last one I did was a type of African sausage and it just wouldn't flatten out well - it kept breaking apart so I couldn't get it very thin. So I mixed two eggs into the meat to act as a binder. Worked like a charm, got it a quarter inch thick and no breakage while rolling.

    Since I had never smoked this type of sausage before, I couldn't tell if the eggs had any effect on flavor or texture. Anybody else try this? Thoughts?

  2. pitrow

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    i've done it before with ground beef for a fattie. I don't think the egg effects flavor or texture much at all.
  3. mballi3011

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    Adding the eggs shouldn't have any bad effects on your fattie. It mite make it alittle more moist with the eggs. Some smoke it up and let us know how it comes out.Where did you fine african sausage from. And you know if we don't see it we don't know if it happened. ALWAYS use the QVIEW
  4. whistler

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    It did seem a little moister than what I thought it would be but that could also have been the grease too.

    The sausage is stuff I made here at home following a Morrocan recipe. I would like to find some authentic sausage to compare to though.

    I'll have to do better with the pics. It just never occurs to me to grab the camera.[​IMG]


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