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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by bman62526, Jun 27, 2009.

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    Hey all,

    First off - REALLY p!s$ed that I once again forgot to take finished Que View pics, but such is life I guess...
    Really tried to get my mom to manage the camera, but once all her relatives showed up - it was chatty-central [​IMG]

    I managed to snap a few after one hour...can't see the end results though, but the food was awesome! I stayed sober Fri. night so I got started real early Sat. [​IMG] Built the fire @ 8 am, after splitting some wood and getting all the gear set up. Meat on at 9 am. Had the brined roast of turkey breast for lunch, beef short ribs for a snack around 3 pm, and the pulled pork was dinner for 15 at 7 pm sharp. Everyone brought sides...it was great. Everyone raved about the pork. Once again, the moral of the story is you can't rush good Que! I left myself enough time that the pork butts got a good hour + in the styrofoam cooler before it was time to pull...so glad I am a member here, learning tricks of the trade!

    So - changing gears here...I took a deer off the grill of my Buick, going 70 mph on Interstate 72 on Memorial Day. Total loss...it was just after midnight and I was returning home from U of IL where my band did a one hour live radio show.

    But - making the best of it, got this new truck a week later, and bought the trailer at a farm sale in Iowa. I present to you, "The Mistress Mobile BBQ Unit". [​IMG] Took her up to Iowa Father's Day weekend...225 miles each way, she traveled like a dream. Oh, and this is the stripped down unit...I have a Brinkmann SnP (no firebox version) that I also strap on here - to use as a charcoal grill...taking it to a party today! Don't have time to fully smoke your chops or steaks? No problem...impart smoke flavor for an hour or two, then turn around and finish on the charcoal...can't wait! Enjoy...
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    Nice looking truck and the mobile rig is looking good too. Oh, did I say the product on the smoker looked good too, cause it sure as heck does.

    Hope ya didn't get hurt in the deer accident.

    Thanks for the pics.

    One question. I recall ya saying you had a way of going something like six hours between refueling the offset. Could you reveal the technique you use that allows this?
  3. bman62526

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    Gosh...I don't remember getting that long of a burn on this, but that's always been ok with me as I love tending the fire.

    Then again, I've experimented so many ways, it's possible I could get 5 or 6 hours using the right combination of minion method, chunks and lump.

    I've developed a method that lets me go all day, only having to open the firebox every 45 min. to an hour. It's kind of a variation of the minion method...but it works well for me.

    Start: full chimney of red hot Royal Oak into the charcoal basket,
    pushing all the coal towards the cooker side, and add 1/2 chimney of unlit lump to the other side - with space in between the two piles!

    Place two wood splits on the corners of my fuel basket...laying over the two corners opposite the smoker...in other words, above the pile of UNlit coal...so the wood AND the unlit lump are "preheating"

    I add one split once the temp starts to drop a little, and then 30-34 min. later, add the other...replace those two splits with two more to preheat.

    Then, once the splits are gone, start moving the unlit coals over to the fire...replace unlit coals and the whole thing repeats all day. Like I said, it allows me to only have to 'tend the fire' about once every 45 min. or so, on average of course.
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    Sorry, I thought it was you I read that from. Not the first time I've been wrong and I'm sure it won't be the last.

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