Father's Day Butt

Discussion in 'Pork' started by cbennefield, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. Prepped my 8 lb butt tonight. Trimmed a little of the fat pad, mustard and rubbed it up, wrapped it and placed it in the fridge. Tomorrow morning set the smoker to 225 and putting it in...after another coat of rub. After getting IT to about 163-5, placing it in the pan that had been sitting one rack under it, put about 6 oz of apple juice, and cover it with double heavy duty foil. Let it hit IT if about 200, kill the heat and smoke, and let it rest in the smoker to about 205 IT. Ready for BBQ sandwiches for dinner tomorrow.

    I'll be using Apple for smoke.
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  2. mtm29575

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    Sounds like a plan. What time should I be there?  [​IMG]
  3. dukeburger

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    Count me in [​IMG]
  4. You'll have to fight my kids for it!
  5. dukeburger

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  6. Got it on at about 8:30 this am.
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    You might wanna crank up the temp a little....Starting this late it might not be done until 8 tonight or maybe later.....the cook time plus the rest time puts dinner on the late side.....Ask me how I know [​IMG]  We've eaten the next day due to my timing on more than one occasion.
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    I'd be running at 275, maybe even 300 minimum if you want to eat dinner today.. [​IMG]  

    The higher temps won't hurt your pork butt one bit!
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  9. I'll be bumping it up in a bit to 270.
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    Waking up early to do mine tomorrow! Best of luck to you!
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  11. Looks like I have hit the stall at 158. Been in 8 hours. Smoking at 265.
  12. Wrapping at 163 IT.

  13. aceoky

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    Very nice bark you got there!
  14. bearcarver

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    Very Nice Bark you got there CB !![​IMG]

    Fantastic Sammies coming your way!![​IMG]

  15. soo much more bark then mine right now. Im jealous!
  16. It skyrocketed after wrapping. Hit 200 in about 2.5 hrs after wrapping at 165. Cut power to smoker, unwrapped the pan and put it back in the smoker for 45 minutes.

    Here it is right out of smoker.

    Hand pulled.


    Great flavor! Good and smokey. Goes great with a little topping of slaw and some hot vinegar sauce.

    Butt #1 a success.
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  17. Did you use smoke the entire time, or only while it was uncovered?
  18. ak1

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    Nice job on your first butt.
  19. I didn't use smoke while covered. When I unconverted for 45 minutes at the end, I threw some more chips in there to make sure the bark set back up.
  20. bearcarver

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    Beautiful Job on the Butt, CB !!![​IMG]

    Great Sammies you got there!![​IMG]

    Very Nice!!!------------------[​IMG]

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