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Discussion in 'Beef' started by sharkjaw, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. sharkjaw

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    I'm new to smoking and need help. When you put brisket in the smoker do you wrap it in foil first or straight to the grill? Do you put the fat up or down? How long for a 6 pounder. HELP.
  2. matt-n

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    If your going to foil wait until the internal temp reaches 170, although some people do not foil at all. Fat up and fat down is also a matter of opinion. With the fat side up the meat will baste itself while it cooks. Check out the beef sticky section of the forum, nice post about basic brisket smoke
  3. waterinholebrew

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    I personally don't foil during the smoke, but that's personal preference as a lot of folks do.... Neither way is right or wrong !! I always smoke with the fat cap up as I personally think it helps keep the meat a little more moist with the fat acting as a baster if ya will... Not saying that's right but I'd like to think so as I've done both cap up & down for the duration of the smoke and just seems to me cap up is more moist.... I will let the brisket get to an I.T. of around 200*-205* , when the brisket is tender enough to slide in a toothpick, she's done.... I then pull off smoker, wrap in couple layers of foil, then wrap in a couple towels and put it in a cooler (just my camping cooler) and let it rest for at least 2 hours.... The rest will let the juices in the brisket redistribute and make for some dang good chewin.... Just watch as ya slice as if it's a packer as ya have 2 parts, the point and the flat.... Cut it against the grain and enjoy !! Hope this helps !

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  4. c farmer

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    What type of smoker you have? In my uds and mini fat cap down. They are direct type cookers and help protect the meat from the heat.

    If you cook indirect them fat cap up.

    I don't foil either.

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