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  1. Okay, here's the deal. I watch a lot of cooking shows. I see a lot of guys throw briskets on the cooker leaving the fat on and fat side up. Their reasoning is so the fat will render down through the meat and add more flavor. At times, they will use a rub but not everybody does so. Then I watch these guys on Pit Master competitions and they are removing all if not most of the fat. Most of the time a rub will be used but not always.

    Anybody have any thoughts on this?
  2. [​IMG]   YEEHAWW!!  HERE WE GO AGAIN!  Didn't take you long to stir up trouble!  [​IMG]   Some of the folks are gonna feel left out so I'll ask the next 2 questions for you:  "Should I soak my wood chips" and "low and slow or hot and fast".  [​IMG]   Please don't take offence.  I mean no disrespect.  It's just that you are asking one of the questions we have debated ( friendly ) more than once.  Truth be known, each of us has their own way ( mine is the correct way [​IMG]  ) and we each seem to achieve good results.  What I would suggest is to give 'er a whirl both ways and find what you and your family like, cause that will be the correct way for you.  Also remember those Pit Master guys are competing.  For them it is a one bite shot at winning.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

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    I've seen a couple of those Pitmaster shows, and wondered about that. I know they smoke at a much higher temperature and pull them at a lower IT than the average guy here. One guy had a rig about the size of a locomotive to cook 1 brisket!

    My packer briskets usually take anywhere from 16-20 hours to reach 195°, so I guess competition is not in the cards for me.
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  4. Makes sense to me Danny, Thanx.
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    Since I cook over the fire I let the fat on and flip.
  6. I'm not much of a competitor when it comes to food. I've learned that what pleases one person could very well repel someone else. I like what I like and for the most part my family and friends seem to enjoy my offerings. I have three cookers that I use depending on what I'm cooking. I do anything from grilling hamburgers and  pork chops to frying turkeys and fish. I just purchased a new smoker at a church auction and need to learn how it works. They all seem to cook a little different.

    I'm like you, I'll leave the competition to the pros. Ain't got that much money.

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    Nice set-up you got there.
  8. Thanx Farmer.
  9. It depends on the brisket. If it has good marbleing I will trim the fat. If it looks like the fat content is on the weak side I don't. I always cook fat side up and I always rub. And I always cook brisket LOW AND SLOW !!! Just how I do it.
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