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  1. Last weekend I made a couple fatties in my KC Smoker. I used a 1 lb roll of Mild Tennessee Pride breakfast sausage to begin with. Since I did not want to try and mess around with a rolling pen, I tried the following method to stuff the fatties. It worked very well.

    I took pictures of the different steps and thought others might like to try this technique.

    Step #1 – Cut the 1lb roll into quarters length wise.

    Step #2 – Make 2 rows of 2 pieces end to end on wax paper.

    Step #3 – Wet your hands and shape one side like a “canoe†and just flatten out the other side.

    Step #4 – Add your fillings to the canoe half. Be sure to keep everything to the center and maintain a small border of meat that will be used to seal with the other half. For my fillings I used cheddar cheese, broccoli, and cooked bacon.

    Step #5 - Fold the wax paper to make the flat half lay on top of the canoe half, gently seal the two half’s together.

    Step #6 – Use the same piece of wax paper to tightly roll up the finished Fattie. This will allow it to be easily moved without falling apart. Place in freezer for about 15-20 min to allow the whole thing to firm up. (As you can see, I actually made two of these).

    Step #6 – After firm, remove from wax paper, if desired add rub (I used Jeff’s Rub along with some mustard to help hold it on the roll), place in smoker.

    This whole process only took a few minutes and was pretty foolproof. So, if someone would like to try this method of making a “stuffed fattieâ€, please post your results
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    Sorry, I don't have many pics of my rolling process, but I just wanted to add that I generally use 2# of sausage for my fattys, and so far I've had real good luck. I notice that many people use Jimmy Dean or other national brands, which are fine of course, use what you got... but I use sausage from my local butcher and it has a totally different texture than JD. I think this helps me roll a more consistent chub and keep it from busting open. Anyhow... if you like fattys, and have a local butcher, give their stuff a try sometime.

    Here is what I do...

    1. Flatten out 2# of sausage on a piece of greased foil.
    2. Place patty in freezer while I prep filling (usually cheese, mushrooms, onions, etc.)
    3. After 20 minutes or so in the freezer, I take out the patty and spread a fair amount of goodies over the top... pressing it into the meat just a bit, but being sure to leave a clear edge (about 1") all the way around for good sealing.
    4. Roll by lifting and folding... this will not work if you try to roll it like a map or newspaper... lift and fold.
    5. Once you reach the other end, shape the loaf a bit and press together (mix) at all seams. This will help keep it from splitting.
    6. Position it seam down in the center of the foil and sprinkle with rub if you prefer, otherwise just wrap it in the foil, twist the ends, and refrigerate until ready to smoke.


    Sounds fairly simple, and it is... just take your time and use a good quality sausage if possible.

    This was my first one and I cut it when it was still a bit hot (note the filling oozing out), but I've got it down a bit better now. Just trying to show that the stuffing can be plentiful, and I even went pretty light on this one as my first.

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    Points for creativity, though I should take them back for addiing broccoli to a fatty!....Well, at least I know now where all the broccoli I see in stores goes!
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    I concur. I actually like broccoli a lot but putting it in a fatty just doesn't seem right.
  5. You guys are forgetting........ I'm from Indianapols....

    Indianapolis, Known for: 500 Mile Race, Colts, broccoli in Fatties!!

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    Some good lookin fatties guys!
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    Hey Brian, I just re-read your post and I sure didn't mean to jack your thread or trump your method. I see that it says, "if someone would like to try this method of making a “stuffed fattieâ€, please post your results." For some reason I originally interpreted that to mean "if someone has another method, please post your results." Sorry about that, hope you don't mind my offering to your thread. [​IMG]
  8. nice method Brian. gotta give that a try when i first smoke a fattie. Whats a good price per pound of breakfast sausage from a butcher for you guys over there?
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    Great looking fatties and great info on rolling ideas............I will have to try them sometime.......

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