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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by enron khan, Feb 9, 2014.

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    So in my day dreaming of spring I decided I would give the above a go on the BGE. I combined ideas from the web and what's floating around in my head and came up with the below. Thighs, deboned and skinned. Yes, defatting the skin was a huge PITA. But I rather like the whole cooking process so it was ok. Deboned and seasoned with kickin chicken.
    Muffin tinned and buttered fore and aft.
    Took the BGE up to 350* to get the forms to set up. Did two experimentals by default just because my pan didn't allow for 10. As it turned out, they held form together fine without the tin. Totally unnecessary step if you ask me. Took them off after 1/2 hour. [​IMG]
    This is where things started to happen. I decided id take a temp and see where we were at. Much to my surprise the chicks were at 165* already. Oh crap, my glaze on the oven isn't even done yet. So I had to pull the plate setter because the skin didn't crisp up like I had thought. Basically, what I ended up doing is grilling chicken. I had intended to impart more of the applewood flavor by smoking for a much longer period than 45 minutes. My error was the temp. I should have 225* indirect smoked for around 3 hours. Definitely lacked the smokiness I enjoy. Interestingly, it actually turned out good. [​IMG]
    Nice color. Nice texture. Plenty juicy and tasty enough. The glaze was great; plenty of sweet with plenty of heat. Kinda sticky actually.

    Next time Id like to smoke them instead of grilling. Along with some wings while I'm at it. If I'm fussing with the BGE I want to fill the dern thing up!
  2. oh man looks great! Is it hard de boning the thighs? Ive never done it before and thighs are my favorite.
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    Great looking thighs! Did you save the skin and fat for making schmaltz?

    Deboning chicken thighs is pretty simple run your knife down each side of the one, then along the meat side that's still attached. Takes three cuts and with a good sharp fillet knife goes pretty quick.
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    Those look and sound wonderful. What a neat idea. The corn muffin tin is a great way to go. Nice post. Very informative.
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    Very nice color, look great. There is nothing wrong with grilled. Low and slow they still cook pretty fast.

    Nice job!

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