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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by okaggie, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. okaggie

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    Anybody have any experience smokin' elk fatties? I've got to make room in the freezer, and all I have left of last year's elk is ground. My wife likes elk backstrap, roasts, and jerky, but she won't cook ground in the house for tacos, spaghetti, meatloaf, etc. 'cause she don't like the smell (I'm used to it, I grew up on the stuff). Like most game, it's really lean, and most people have a hard time differentiating it from beef. I'm thinking about seasoning the ground with some salt, pepper, sage, and a little red chile, and wrapping it in bacon to keep it from drying out too much. What do ya'll think?
  2. white cloud

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    I tried some of last years venison, just adding spice but yea it was way to dry. I think the bacon wrap would be good. Maybe dice some and half cook it and add it and still wrap it. Around here alot of meat proccessers are add beef suet to the ground venison instead of pork. I am going to keep trying different ways if I come up with a good one I'll let you know.
  3. jerrykr

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    Re-grind it with a semi-large plate, adding the bacon you have and some pork or beef fat from your local butcher. He'll probably give it to you. try for 30% fat, give or take.

    Keep it fresh, and roll it back up and grill/smoke the fatty.

    You can freeze it after it's fully cooked, but I'd advise going ahead and having it for supper.
  4. short one

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    OKAggie, in August I made some elk fatties. We took about one and a half pound of elk and mixed it with one pound of JD sausage. Mix well and flatten out on Pam spayed surface. Put in you favorite filling, roll up, and smoke to 160-165, let cool a little, slice, and enjoy. Came out real good. Wrapped one in bacon and the others were not wrapped, four total. We enjoyed them. Just my .02 worth.

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