Electric smokers?

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by wood2930, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. I am new to smoking meats. I was given an electric smoker for a birthday. A masterbuilt electric digital smoker with a electronic therometer. does any one have any good ideas if these are good or handy?

  2. watery eyes

    watery eyes Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Pretty popular here as far as electrics go.....

    Look down on the main forum screen to the Smoking Supplies & Equipment section under Electrics for more information.

    Welcome to SMF....[​IMG]
  3. illini

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    What a nice birthday you must have had!
    If you do a search on "Masterbuilt" you will find a lot of reading material....I have the MES and it is a great tool..not perfect...just a great tool[​IMG]

    If help is needed just ask away and you shall receive..

    good luck
  4. billyq

    billyq Smoking Fanatic

    A few members here use them. They should be along shortly.
  5. mossymo

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    I have 3 of them, 2 are pre recall and 1 is post recall. I do not see me using the pre recall ones until I get a adjustable vent/damper put into the top. As far as I am concerned they are a very good electric smoker for the price and the smoke they produce from very little wood is impressive.

    I would say you had a great birthday, crank that baby up, get it seasoned and start some smoking projects !!!
  6. cheech

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    Wow what a nice birthday gift. Now it is time to get addicted to this hobby let alone this forum [​IMG]
  7. deejaydebi

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    Welcome Wood -

    nice smoker you got there! You will love it! You found the perfect place to learn the art of smoking.
  8. I too own a electric smoker but mine is a char-broil. And since you have a thermostat adjusting the temp will come very easy for you. Hope that your first and every smoke you do after that turns out wonderful. Oh and welcome to Smoking Meat and like me hope you learn alot here.

    USMC Retired......ooorahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  9. smoked

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    I've had my mes for some time now, it's a great smoker imho, I have yet to make anything bad out of it!!!!! easy to use also.
  10. coleysmokinbbq

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    Hi there Wood!...Welcome to the SMF!... [​IMG] It's a Mighty Fine place to be!

    Great Folks, Great Food, Tons of info, and more fun than you can shake a stick at!

    Congratulations on your new MES! Must've REALLY been a happy BD for you!!

    Why not sign up for Jeff's Free 5 Day eCourse...It's a great little course, and the price is right to boot!
    It'll get you started off right...PLUS...you have the rest of us here to help you along.

    With all the resources you have available here at SMF, you'll be turning out 1st Class 'Q' in no time!

    Looking forward to your posts here. (pics too!)

    Again...Welcome Aboard!...

    Until Later...
  11. hawgheaven

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    Welcome aboard, Wood! This is the place to be for all things smokin'!

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