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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by shields, May 28, 2013.

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    I have read the majority of Posts here about the MES smokers (pros and cons).  I am leaning towards the Masterbuilt  30'' Electrical Digital Smoker (without the window).  I already have a AMNPS and have been smoking for 4 years with a Charbroil silver smoker that I modded up.  Im just fed up with all the baby sitting I have to do with that thing.  Plus I am in upstate NY and want to smoke during the winter.  I can easily smoke out of my garage with an Electric.

    Anyway, the budget for this unit is around $225 or so.  Any suggestions outside the MES 30 I should consider?  Is the window needed?  I am a little concerned with the element issue and the digital thermo issues I have read about.  Is it just the case where the Cons of a unit like this get the headlines because the people that have had a good experience are less likely to say so?  

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    With electric smokers I'm partial to the MES because that's the only electric I've ever used. I have the MES 40 with the window and no, the window is not needed by any means at all. You may be tempted more to open the smoker to see progress on something but if you just walk away and not worry about it you'll be fine.

    Check out a few local stores before considering buying online and you may luck out and be able to get the floor model. Ask how many of different models are in stock and if you find one that you like that has only the floor model try to wheel and deal!  I ended up getting my MES40 for under $200 because it was a year later model and on the floor at Sams Club. Same warranty, return policy, and everything else.
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    Good advice, thanks!

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