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  1. efrain

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    HI there i am making some babybacks this weekend and i am new at this so does anyone have advice on what sauce i should put on after my ribs are done.i want to make a rub just dont no how to mix and match sauces with the rubs jet.thanks.
  2. ronp

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    Depends what you like. I finish mine with KC Masterpiece and add brown sugar, garlic, and if you like them hot or spicy you can add cayanne, chili powder, cumin, or Tabasco sauce to taste.

    Good luck!
  3. tmw611

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    Efrain, welcome to the site. Sauces and such are subject to your own taste. It all come down to your preference as to the sauce or even whether to sauce or not sauce. The last two times I have set them out "naked" (no sauce) and set a couple of different sauces out on the side. I happen to like mustard sauces where my wife likes sweet sauces. Or you might just do such a great job on the smoke that no sauce is necessary.

    That isn't very definitive but it is the truth. Experiment, and have fun. I have found so far that even the mess ups are better than most buy out stuff.
  4. waysideranch

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    Justin Wilson once said" the best kind of cooking wine is the wine you like". So I'm thinking you should mop with your favorite mopping sauce. Rub with your fav rub. We here at the ranch like Curley's BBQ Sauce. Its yummy according to my three little BBQ judges.

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