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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by foamheart, Oct 25, 2014.

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    I am looking for a grinder.

    I need a 3/4" plate ability, I am guess I have mentioned it enough for everyone to know.

    I am assuming (yes, there is that word), that the number is an indication of the "throat" size of the grinder. I have seen different sized motors on the same throat Like a 1/4 hp on a #5 or a 1/3 hp on a #8, etc.

    So I assumed that the #5 or #8 or whatever is in reference to the throat because I see different size motors on the same same size throats mostly depending upon the manufacturer.

    Next assumption, this one I have troble believing. The line up holes on the plate has to do with the throat? Some have one, some have 2 on opposite sides, etc. So do these line up holes go by throat sizes or do they go by manufacturers design? LEM may have one, Gander two, etc?

    Darwin showed me a 3/4" plate by Butchers and packers:

    So if I buy any #10 or #12 will this blade fit or does it have to be by the proper manufacturer?

    Its very conspicious, why doesn't  LEM make a 1/2 hp #10?

    Is there a prblem with the 3/4" plate in the LEMs? Not enough torque for chunks?
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  2. darwin101

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    I got my #12 grinder from The extra plates are from Butcher Packer, they told me the plate sizes are standard, considering loose tolerances! I have not had an issue with any of the extra dies. Many of the grinders and stuffers look to be from the same manufacturer but with different labels. The larger the number the larger the throat and plate/blade.

    Amazon has a large selection and lots of reviews.
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    I am 'assuming" that plate will fit any #10, #12.. it doesn't specify any brand in particular ... Give Butcher Packer a shout and see If they have an answer for ya...
  4. crazymoon

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    I've bought many plates and knives from different companies and only needed to go by my grinder size ,#32 for mine.It's a universal  set-up for grinders.
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    I have no idea what you're asking up there. [​IMG]  But sounds like you may already know what you're talking about...  

    (Nuk Nuk Nuk)

    BD <amateur grinder with an  LEM 5> 
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  6. The numbers, for the most part, refer to the diameter of the plate.
    However, the #10 and #12 plate is the same diameter plate , the numbers in that case refer to the mounting style of manual grinders....the #10 is the screw type mount, while the #12 is bolt down.
    For the most part plates and knives of the same number are all compatible....but some can be off by a bit so it's a good idea to stay with plates and knives for one manufacturer.
    There's no problem with the commercial type LEM handling a plate with 3/4" holes...I use one all the time.....grinds very easily because there's actually less resistance than with plates with smaller holes.

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  7. Just for I said, they're supposed to be interchangeable and usually are....but...I've had knives from one manufacturer that wouldn't fully cover all the holes on a plate from another manufacturer.
    I've also had plate center holes that were a bit too small to properly fit on a grinder from another manufacturer.

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