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  1. I've experienced solme mild frustration posting photos to this site from Photobucket.

    I use Picasa to edit my photos, but if there is a way to get them dicrectly from Picasa to Photobucket I haven't found it; have to move the unedited photos directly from my hard drive. Some are too dark, or too light, or need cropping 'cause I'm not as good a photographer as many of you guys.

    But today I found the answer: http://fotoflexer.com/

    This is a truly amazing site for editing photos online, and pull the photos to edit right from Photobucket (as well as from Picasa and several other photo sites or from your hard drive).

    Even if you don't think you'd want to use it, take a look at the demo, especially the "smart resizing" section. It is guaranteed to leave you sitting in front of the computer screen with your mouth hanging open in amazement.
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    Thanks for the link john...[​IMG]

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