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  1. I signed up for the course but I only got 1-3.  Four and five never came.  I went to sign up again.  It told me I was already signed up.  I assume that without adding another email, I won’t get the rest of the course.    
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    Send me a PM and ill get you the ecourse when I get home this evening.
  3. can you send me the ecourse as well?
  4. s2k9k

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  5. azphil

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    I am having some troubles getting the above link to work. Is there something I need to do?


  6. Did you get the link to work? I tried it and it took me right to Jeff's smoking-meat ecourse...then subscribe at the bottom of the page.
  7. azphil

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    Yes I did. I'm signed up and good to Go!

  8. i signed up as well and i have not received anything...please help....

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