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  1. Hello, I'm currently modifying a Brinkmann smoke n grill (ECB) and I haven't decided where to mount an aftermarket temp gauge..any thoughts? I've seen them on multiple location ie. side, top of lid, etc
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    The closer you can get it to the meat without touching the better.
  3. Sounds like a couple of my high school girlfriends.
  4. Tonight I put my ECB together and got it all squared away. My angle for this smoker was cheap and my mission was accomplished...I found a weber smokey joe last weekend at a yard sale for 5$ (owner used it once for a tail gate) and I found the ECB at Walmart that had been dropped. The box was damaged and the side had a small dent. After speaking with the manager I got it for 15$. The gasket and temp gauge were the only other add on and lowes is having a sale on charcoal right now ( 40lb for 9$)..all in all I've spent $55 for the smoker and 80lbs of charcoal. Tomorrow I'll b saddling up a 3lb chuck roast to get my feet wet. [​IMG]
  7. Did my first smoke ever on my franken-smoker..still have lots to learn but after 4 hour low and slow I got some great results with hickory chunks. Meat is a chuck roast I had in the freezer and I was shocked how well a 55$ smoker did. When I opened the freezer pack the roast was two pieces.. This is the smaller section I sliced up

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