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    I appreciate all of the information I find here. It helps!

    I have 3lbs of jerky marinating and I wanted to smoke it as well. After much reading here and just plain thinking I think I have an idea. As I mentioned in my cheap cold smoker post here >> I like to start small to get the process and knowledge down before stepping up. I found at WalMart some "disposable" grill trays. These are very lightweight and easily bendable. I figured on utilizing these as my jerky shelves as the most they might hold is 1/4 lb before bending. Can't do a pork butt on on them for sure! All in all, I think it might just work. Ill use a hot plate on the very bottom for heat, then put smoke tube on lowest shelf for the smoke. Too cold today, so Ill let you know how it turns out. Any advice/changes are welcome.

    Happy Smoking everyone!!!

    Disposable trays

    I made a tube to hold me over as I am assured to get something very similar as a B-Day gift in Aug. I rolled it onto a spray paint can, then tied it off.

    I drilled holes about 3 1/4" from the top, and then 1 inch lower for each shelf. The screws act as the brackets for the new "shelves/trays".

    New shelves/trays installed. I simply bent the tray over the existing shelf for the right fit.


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