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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by stayhot, Aug 1, 2013.

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    If I am making snack sticks or summer sausage and using ECA, how long after stuffing can the sticks or summer sit before putting into the smoker? I have heard a lot of different opinions but I knew on here I would get the right information.


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    Do not run it through your grinder. Add it between grinding and stuffing. ECA is not supposed to release until 135 degrees. I'm not sure how long it can just sit in the sausage. I've only used it once in summer sausage and we ground the meat and spices the day before. Then added ECA, stuffed, hanged to dry and smoked it right away. I have read if the capsules do open up it will make the sausage milky white and the ECA won't let the meat and fat bind the way it should and it can be dry or crumbly.
  3. ECA melts at 140 degrees and releases. I use ECA every weekend doing snack sticks and never had any problems with it. I have mixed ECA in with the spices and mix and put the mix in the fridge overnight without any problems as I would stuff the next day. If you grind the mix with the ECA you will break the capsules and have a chance of damaging the meat. You can stuff and put it back in the fridge and smoke next day or 2 without any problems with the ECA however you may have a problem if you are using collagen casings because the fridge will wick the moisture out and you may end up with lose casings after the smoke. If you can't smoke as soon as you mix then store in a tupperware bowl with a tight fitting lid or in a zip lock bag and stuff the day that you are going to smoke.
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    Both woodcutter and FLsailor got ya covered..................

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